If you have worked in the photography field even for a little while, you probably realized that the job implies more than taking the actual photos. You also need to organize the output files, fine-tune their appearance or quickly locating certain items.
FotoStation is an application that can help you perform all of these tasks, and many more on the side.
Neatly organized GUI
The main window of this utility makes it easy for you to browse the image folders on your computer, then create archives, projects or jobs, depending on the task you want to complete.
While browsing the graphic files, you can rate each item or change their status and classification, so you can organize them later on. Additionally, you can experiment with the sample actions provided within FotoStation to get a clear idea on its feature-set.
Integrated metadata editor
A nifty function is the built-in metadata editor, as it offers you the possibility to customize some of your image's info. For instance, you can assign it the title, byline, description, keywords, creation date, or copyright data, as well as details pertaining to its license, model and property releases.
Additionally, you can modify the metadata fields, hide or add new ones, according to your necessities.
Powerful image enhancer
Since it is addressed mainly at photography enthusiasts and professionals, it makes sense that FotoStation also integrates numerous editing options.
Not only can you show off your pictures in carousels or slideshows, but you can also crop, rotate, resize, recolor, redate, rename, or flip the currently selected image. Moreover, you can tamper with the hue and saturation, fix the red eye effect, or pixelate and blur it.
To wrap things up, FotoStation is a reliable solution for all those who prefer to have a single app to perform all their tasks, rather than use a handful to the same results. The app is user-friendly, and its plethora of features is bound to please even the pickiest of photo experts.







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– Organize your image collections
– Create photo projects
– Rate photos and videos
– Automatically add metadata
– Write and read EXIF data
– Create slide shows
– Filter photos with advanced options
– Adjust exposure, contrast, brightness and more
– Customize image properties

A great way to organize your images is to create folders and subfolders. And there’s no better way to do it than with the FotoStation Crack Free Download application. It lets you easily create photo projects, create slideshows, rate photos and many other tasks.
Features include the ability to tag, rate, rate, delete, rename, merge, sort, copy, make a photo album, and more! The application is very easy to use, and a very user friendly.
If you are looking for an easy-to-use photo organizer then Cracked FotoStation With Keygen is the perfect tool.
Installing FotoStation Crack Keygen
As an add-on to the free version of ShotCut you can buy FotoStation as a standalone file and install it onto your hard drive. You can get the file here:

Ever wished you could have multiple photo editors? Or something to quickly view your photos? FotoStation gives you just what you are looking for. With this unique application, you can create photo projects, save them as slideshows, rate your photos and much more.
A photo organizer and photo editor in one!
FotoStation offers you the ability to organize and edit your photos in one place. Create photo projects, create slideshows, rate your images and much more. It even has the ability to add metadata. With this program, you are bound to enjoy your photo collection in a whole new light.
Simply create a photo project, and you will be taken to the menu where you can access the program’s many features. Your project can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Create simple or complex photo projects. You can even add music to your slideshows!
As a unique photo editor, FotoStation lets you customize your photos to your liking. You can rate and rate photos, edit photos and even edit the metadata. Not only can you rate photos, you can even rate slide shows! You can even rate photos and slide shows at the same time!
FotoStation is easy to use, even for beginners. You can view, rate, and delete

FotoStation Download

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A must-have application for photographers, enthusiasts, and professionals, FotoStation enables you to do all the magic required to make your photos shine. It allows you to organize, rate, edit, rate, analyze, retouch, fine-tune, modify, or even create your pictures on the go.

Have your photos displayed as a slideshow or as a simple photo list. Rate your photos, with special ratings such as star ratings, star ratings, as well as color ratings. Organize photos by project and by keyword. Print or email your images. Create projects, export projects to XML, as well as import projects from other applications such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, or from Evernote. Organize photos by events, all albums and projects, and all projects together. FotoStation also integrates into Windows 7 as well.

Key Features:

– Organize photos by projects, events, all albums and projects, and all projects together
– Rate your photos, with special ratings such as star ratings, star ratings, as well as color ratings
– Organize your photos by location, or project location
– Rate your photos, with special ratings such as star ratings, star ratings, as well as color ratings
– Organize your photos by projects, events, all albums and projects, and all projects together
– Create projects
– Print your photos
– Email your photos
– Export your photos to MS Project or to Evernote
– Import your photos from MS Project or from Evernote
– Photo editing tools
– Retouch your photos
– Fine-tune your photos
– Modify your photos
– Edit your photos
– Clone your photos
– Clone your photos from a second source
– Modify your photos‘ color space
– Modify your photos‘ exposure
– Modify your photos‘ brightness and contrast
– Modify your photos‘ saturation
– Modify your photos‘ contrast
– Modify your photos‘ hue
– Modify your photos‘ texture
– Modify your photos‘ clarity
– Modify your photos‘ rotation
– Modify your photos‘ skew
– Modify your photos‘ position in an image
– Modify your photos‘ reflection
– Modify your photos‘ watermark
– Modify your photos‘ face properties
– Modify your photos‘ pose
– Modify your photos‘ borders
– Modify your photos‘ shadow properties
– Modify your photos‘ face properties

What’s New in the?

With this powerful program you'll be able to import all kinds of images: from video to black and white, from photo albums to RAW, to make it easy for you to edit, repair, crop and convert them.
You'll be able to improve your pictures' image quality with the smoothing, sharpening, embossing, vignetting, tone, noise reduction and despeckle filters.
In addition to editing your photos, you can also create an animation from your pictures with your photos or on the fly.
With this photography application you'll be able to import all kinds of images, and organize them into projects and albums.
Your images will be organized into multiple projects and albums, with the option to synchronize between them or create private projects.
You can use the automatic image correction tools to improve the color, sharpness, contrast, brightness, exposure and color saturation.
FotoStation's best feature is the ability to edit RAW images, including adjustments of the exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, hue and luminance, color balance and curves.
You can also change the levels of the noise filter, vignette and redeye, and you can apply image effects like embossing, texturizing and distort.
The app will help you organize your photos into folders and projects, based on the folder name and date.
You'll be able to add text to your photos, like date, name and text on the photo.
You'll also be able to add place names, dates, and other metadata to your images.
You can use FotoStation to make fun slideshows from all your photographs, or make movie discs out of your photos.
You can edit all kinds of pictures including black and white, color, RAW, and more.
This app is the easy way to edit, fix and organize all your photos with just a few clicks.
Main features:
Import and organize photos
Import, organize and display all kinds of pictures: stills, photo albums, RAW and video files. You can organize your images by date and into folders.
Import photos from albums, image libraries, network drives and from online services.
Organize photos into projects, albums and collections.
You can create personal projects, synchronize them with other devices or publish them on the web.
Preview, edit and export photos.
Smooth, enhance and fix your photos.
Change the color, brightness, contrast, saturation, contrast, white balance, and more.
Improve your images' quality with 5 filters: soft, sharp, emboss, despeckle, vignette and texture.
Change the levels of the noise filter, vignette and redeye.
Apply image effects like embossing, text

System Requirements:

• Must have 2.7 GB of RAM
• Must have 4 GB of available HDD space
• 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or later compatible CPU
• 16 MB video card capable of OpenGL 2.0
• GeForce FX 5800 or better (any card with at least 128 MB dedicated memory)
• DirectX 9.0c compatible or later video card (NVidia and ATI support)
• Must have 2 GB of RAM
• Must have 2 GB of available HDD space
• 1.


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