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Just Cause 2 Serial Key


Only one Just Cause 2 CD key will be generated per computer if you wish.
Here is a list of games that can be purchased with this key:
Cortex Wars
Corvette Strike Force
The Brink
Dawn of War
Forest of Arborea
Journey of the Star Team
Naughty Dog
Egypt’s Search for the Clone
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Edge of War 2
Elite: Black Edition
Endless Legend
Sword Art Online
Trinity Blood Rising
In this case, the key can be activated on one computer for one or several people. And if you buy a key for several players, the code will not be activated.
Available updates:
For „Coroterm Wars“ there is at least one patch CD available with this key.
Coreamix LIVE 1.0
For those who have not learned the Java programming language, there is an update that includes at least the first part for Coreamix.
For other patches, the following information is available:
1) Updates for Coremix LV-1
2) Update for Core-mix
3) Added a small number of offline servers
4) Added Russian-language support service
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
The code will be purchased per player for 1.99 USD.
The new chapter will allow you to go through several eras of the game, including the story campaign for Fallout 3 and Ventana.
3 game discs (Warhammer 40,000)
1. There are 10 missions in the game, 2 in each corner of the map.
2. Users have the option to choose the map they want to complete.
In addition, you will receive a mission on a ship in the Black Deep and aboard a spaceship.
It will also be possible to move between locations, fighting demons and other NPCs.
If you buy the add-on, there will also be a free update for Coroterm.
More information can be found here.
Note: Attention, there are minor compatibility issues with the Wii U platform in the update.



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