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Svenska for utländska studenter – nivÃ¥ A1, distans, 7.5 l. Some of the issues were devoted to tennis, volleyball and basketball, others to skiing, swimming and curling.
In 1990-1995 more detailed journals were created – „Gammel og fjälltndsmedium“ and „Jo Nordisk Univeritetet“.
In 1996, the magazine „Svet samstadskap“ (Rus. Social life), published by the Swedish military academy, began to appear. The military saw in him a way of life not only for their military, but also for students [11]. In 2000, the „International Gambling Supplement“ was published, which described the international experience of sports gambling and the sport’s approach to immorality.
Personal journals of famous members of the Swedish royal family were also published. In 2005 „Personal Klubben“ appeared (English) Russian. Carl XVI Gustaf, published since 1993. Materials about music, sports and travel were published. In 2006, Carl XVI Gustav started his own blog.
On October 29, 2006, the country celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Carl Gustav[12].
The Swedes classify events not only by time period, but also by type, form and presentation. Among these forms are political scandals, the emergence of new legislation, changes in the route of public transport, criticism of the government or the government as a whole. Discussion of urban developments may also include the emergence of new street cleaning methods or old methods. Unlike other countries of the European Union, the Swedes do not pay as much attention to events such as attacks on people or arson[13].
In 2010, Google taught Sweden how to make search results as natural as possible. Along with the fact that Yandex does not use the „human factor“, in the issuance of the query „Swedes“ in less than one tenth of a percent of the results, references were found to the fact that Sweden is the birthplace of Karl Gustavovich.“Angry Swedes“ is a social network for Swedes that posts taunts in both Swedish and English. She has a large following and regular users, and is among Sweden’s most famous personalities such as Bjorn Madden, Mark Strömstedt[19], and the singer Björk. In 2014



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