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The application corrects a condition where the size of the.nfo. file exceeds the size of the original.nfo. file. Filesize: 17.74 MB Added on: 25-Nov-2013 Downloads: .

. Update (v1.0, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14). If you have a save game file which is compressed in a different way than normal, as is the case for.nfo. and.txt. files, it may not work. This is because the game, for example, uses RAR compression for the save games, and the tool will check a file and tell you that it cannot be opened. However, it does not remove it from the drive. The game saves it as a file name that ends This is the reason it does not work on later save games, because file extension was not added to the name of the game save file. This tool will remove extension and rename the save file to its original name. It will also rename.nfo. and.txt. files to their original name. The save file will remain on your hard drive; however, it will not be able to be read by the game. Even when you delete it, the application will leave it on your hard drive and you can delete it whenever you want. This could be potentially dangerous because you can delete the file to which the game refers in order to overwrite it with a new file, but the application will not remove it from your hard drive. The game, for example, does not files from the save file, so if you delete it, the tool will not remove the file. Filesize: 9.24 MB Added on: 05-Apr-2018 Downloads: .

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The application corrects a condition where the size of the.nfo. file exceeds the size of the original.nfo. file. It will also remove the problem.nfo. file from the installation folder of the game. This would be a game that has the.nfo. and.txt. as the file name of the game save file. In this case, the.nfo. file has an abnormal size; the application will correct that. The application can be used to create savegame files for NFS Most Wanted: Hot Pursuit https://xn—-7sbbtkovddo.xn--p1ai/acrosync-crack-product-key-full-free-download-pc-windows/




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How to safely close std::string?

I found this statement in a code:
printf(„%s“, s1);

In this statement, s1 is a std::string, and it will be closed by the function in the example. But I found it was a bad thing, because the compiler just copy the string.
Why don’t we have to use std::string::c_str() in this situation?


I found it was a bad thing

That depends on what you mean by „bad“. If it’s „leaks memory“, then this is indeed a bad thing. Depending on what „safety“ means to you, you can go either way. If you think of leaking memory as „unnecessary copying, the compiler could have been doing that anyway“ then you can say that this is a good thing. If you consider leaking memory as „using a resource without accounting for its cost“, then you can say that this is a bad thing.

Because there’s no data copying when you pass a char pointer to printf.

Because you pass a char pointer to printf, and not a std::string? Yes that’s it.
The same code with different types would be:
std::string s1{„hello“};
std::string s2{„world“};
printf(„%s“, s1);
printf(„%s“, s2);

It’s hard to tell, because you didn’t give any specifics about why the memory usage is a problem. If the memory usage is a problem in your specific case, just use std::string::c_str().


JS – New to make my code cleaner.

So I am working on a robot and I have a problem, that I solved quite easy, but I feel my code is not as clean as it should be. I am working on chrome and would love

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