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Understanding Layer Basics

As an artist, you may not realize it, but Photoshop is a visual editing tool. Your creation is nothing more than a 2D mask containing a series of individual layers, and these layers are arranged inside a mask.

The way Photoshop works is that a layer, or group of layers, works as a single, cohesive unit. For example, if you were to create a basic background for a page in Photoshop, you would likely make the background a single layer. Then you would put text or another element in the foreground, such as a logo or a photo. In creating your image, you might use various layers to accomplish different tasks. For instance, you may draw the character with a brush, then adjust the canvas with another brush and then paint in the background.

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PSD Images may look very complex and use various complicated techniques and tools. But in this post, we will teach you how to edit and save PSD images in Photoshop. We will not explain how to create PSD Images.

The tutorials in this post will help you not only to edit your images, but also to save and convert PSD images for other graphics editing software.

Save PSD Images with Photoshop

Before we talk about editing, let’s go through the basics of Photoshop. It is a great tool to create stunning images. Photoshop has a great filter palette which lets you work with your images like you don’t have any filters already installed.

You can apply them to different layers and make them interact with each other.

If you want to get an idea of how filters can be applied to an image, look at the images below and we will explain them to you.

Below are the various image effects included in Photoshop.

We won’t go into every effect in this post but will tell you about those that are the most useful for editing.

To access Photoshop’s Filter gallery, press ‘Filter’ from the top menu.

To filter your images, you should have at least three layers to work with. Start by applying the ‘Drop Shadow’ filter to one layer and then start the edit.

We will start editing the image above, so we can explain the various filters that are available.

Select Filter ▼ Filter ▼ Brightness/Contrast or Shadows ▼ Lighter ▼ Darker

Here, you can apply brightness, contrast, or shadows/highlights.

Next, go to Color ▼ Colorize ▼ Colorize a Brush

Colorize has a number of effects that you can use on your image. You can colorize an entire image, but it is more useful when coloring an object of your choice.

Or, you can select a brush and colorize an object of your choice.

Next, use the Eraser tool to remove the colorized object.

You can also colorize an object, remove the colorized object, and then add an image of your choice.

Go to Filters ▼ Blur ▼ Motion Blur ▼ Motion Blur Filter ▼ Lens Blur

Filters ▼ Soft Focus ▼ High Pass ▼ Low Pass

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2)

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