Chinwa's Backup is a lightweight and easy to use software utility whose main purpose is to help you quickly create backup files, so you never run the risk of permanently losing your most important data in case of a system crash or other similar reasons.
The program is sufficiently simple to work with, as it features a basic and straight-forward interface, enabling even the less experienced to handle it without much hassle.
Chinwa's Backup allows you to select the source document and choose the target location of the output file. Additionally, you can 'Create Files If Not Exist' as well as 'Create Folders If Not Exist'. Similarly, the application lets you 'Delete Extra Folders In Target Path'. The backup project can be saved and used on multiple occasions.
Once you have properly defined the preferences for the operation, you can press on the 'Backup' button and within moments, Chinwa's Backup begins to process your files, showing a progress bar, helping you estimate how much longer it is going to take, which can depend on the total size of the item.
At the same time, if you happen to run into problems and lose all your data, the program can easily help you restore the files to their previous path, just by loading the backup project file and clicking on the 'Restore' button.
While the application is quite useful and efficient, Chinwa's Backup can only perform manual operations, meaning you will have to do it yourself every time, as you cannot schedule it to run at regular intervals.
In conclusion, Chinwa's Backup is a basic and user-friendly backup tool that allows you to create copies of your files in just a few clicks of your mouse, preventing you from experiencing total data loss in the event of a system failure and enabling you to quickly restore the items to their initial location, so you can carry on with your work as normal.







DICOM Anonymizer Crack Free [2022]

DICOM Anonymizer Cracked Version converts DICOM images as well as their protected information into standard formats (eg. JPEG) and then optionally removes protected information from original image files. It supports most of the standards (eg. DICOM, PACS) and, as an option, translates DICOM images into standard formats to avoid errors in the PACS and other applications.
DICOM Anonymizer Cracked Accounts Benefits:
Can be used on servers or workstations with DICOM applications/patients.
Can verify that the uploaded images are protected.
It preserves the level of compression and quality of the image (lossless compression).
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Does not support RSA protected images.
Does not support other DICOM encryption standards.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Does not support SOP classes 3–38 & 39.
Does not support SOPs classes 39, 41–48.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Images originally having a DICOM header have to be reconstructed manually before the transformation.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Output images do not have DICOM protected information.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
All images transferred to standard format will have information on the Transfer syntax fields.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Requires that the application either has encryption or compression functionality.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Only outputs JPEG.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Image data is saved in temporary files.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Does not support SOPs classes 39, 41–48.
DICOM Anonymizer Limitations:
Does not support SOP classes 3–38 & 39.
Some comments on security
This software is not intended to replace medical device security measures.
Scanner Secure does not perform any actions that are not already possible to perform on a DICOM file (eg. encryption or compression). Therefore, this software cannot change the original transfer syntax and content-specific metadata.
Nevertheless, the software can check whether the image contains protected data and if so, delete it or alter the value of the ‚PhotoSOPAnonymizer‘ property to an empty string.
There is no way to perform any kind of DICOM encryption nor do any of the information about the image being transferred to the standard formats get altered.

DICOM Anonymizer X64

Add a layer of security to your radiographic images by removing any visible information such as patients name, doctor, and related information.
Portable option for safe access
DTED Converter can be effectively used on any portable device, since there is no need to install it. It can run on any portable computer with minimum CPU and RAM requirements.
It includes the option to send and receive mails, along with Google Mail integration. In addition, it can also work with Exchange Server 2003/2008 server.
An effective tool for radiographic images
It can help you create images with no patient name, doctor, and contact information, making them more secure and anonymous in nature. It also provides the option to change the watermark color and position.
Evaluation and conclusion
DTED Converter is a handy, effective tool that you can use to secure images with the highest levels of security available. Besides, it is a lightweight application that does not require an in-depth knowledge of the Windows operating system or any skills to use it effectively.
Brothersoft Editor is a free e-book editor that enables you to and.pdf files into e-books.
This is not a word processor, since it does not provide the functionality of writing text, but merely lets you add headers and chapters for your e-books, as well as include images.
This is a specific tool that can convert files that only contain encrypted data, which can be easily done when you install the free software.
The setup procedure is fairly simple and there is an instructional video to help you through the whole procedure. All you need to do is to select the correct destination drive and add the files you wish to convert.
The interface also offers a list of available paths, along with the number of pages for each document. Additionally, a preview feature is enabled, in case you want to see how the generated e-book would look like.
Evaluation and conclusion
Brothersoft Editor is an effective application that lets you convert files containing encrypted data. It is also a lightweight solution that requires little effort to use and is easily handled. It is a free tool that should prove useful for all types of users who wish to convert files with encryption.
Handy and effective quick-capture application
The drag-and-drop function of Quick Color Correction helps you effortlessly edit your photos and videos by performing basic corrections such as contrast, saturation and brightness.
It also includes color filters so you can easily perform the adjustments you

DICOM Anonymizer With Product Key PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

The DICOM Anonymizer is a free utility for Windows to anonymize or de-identify medical images.
This is especially useful for patients in clinical research in that it prevents the use of patient data in publication of research, thereby helping in the protection of patients identity.
It uses a specially developed data masking algorithm to modify the DICOM Attributes (Patient_ID, Instance_ID, Series_Instance_UID, SOP_Sequence, Study_Instance_UID, Series_Series_UID, Image_Number, Image_ID) of the file and to mask the Patient_Name field.
The data masking of Patient_ID and Instance_ID is quite efficient and suitable to support the requirements of clinical research.
It is a powerful application that includes many advanced functions such as DICOM data masking and data encryption.
It also has a two-stage validation to protect critical data.
It is compatible with VTE and DICOM series files.
It supports Windows 2000, 2003 and Vista.
In addition, it runs on a standalone or server mode and supports RS232 interfaces.
DICOM Anonymizer enables users to change the data of the image for anonymity, which helps to provide both the journal and the patient’s informed consent. Therefore, it has become an indispensable tool for medical research.
DICOM Anonymizer Details:
The DICOM Anonymizer supports several formats of DICOM files:.dcm,.dicom,.dcm2,.dicom3,.dicom4 and.dicom5. Users can select files according to the data they want to modify.
After selecting the file, users can specify the mask with the following parameters:
Patient_ID (name): – Rename the patient_id field.
Instance_ID (name): – Rename the instance_id field.
Series_Instance_UID (name): – Rename the series_instance_uid field.
Study_Instance_UID (name): – Rename the study_instance_uid field.
Series_Series_UID (name): – Rename the series_series_uid field.
Image_Number (number): – Rename the image_number field.
Image_ID (name): – Rename the image_id field.
Data Masking:
After modifying the data of the image, users can specify

What’s New In DICOM Anonymizer?

The DICOM anonymizer is an advanced tool for decoding, and subsequent replacement of the dummy header information with the original header, which appears to be a part of a normal DICOM file. However, the anonymized file will be able to be viewed, queried, and downloaded just like a normal DICOM file.
DICOM Anonymizer main features:
• Decode DCMTK Standard and Enhanced, DICOM, SMART &HDR version 5 files. • Rename the file by modifying the header. • Anonymize files, with the same original header, part numbers & UID’s. • Convert the file to Viewable DICOM and embedable FLIR swf file. • Embed the file in HTML (with FLIR viewer) or ZIP file. • Adjust the transparency of the file. • Change the pixel size of the file. • Convert a series of files as one single file. • Set the name of the file. • Rebuild the original format DICOM file. • (With the original Header – Part Series will be regenerated). • Detect the anonized file, on a DICOM medical viewer. • For medical images, there is no restriction in converting the image formats like JPEG, JPG, JPEG 2000, etc. • You can change the header in order to avoid the notice by the DICOM viewer.
To put it simple, DICOM Anonymizer is a data anonymizer that is designed in order to help users transform DICOM files into standard medical files, embedded in PDF.
What users want to do:
• Someone who is concerned with the privacy of his/her own medical records can transform them into a format that can be viewed by DICOM. If you need to know what is the privacy of the data you are sending, then you can use this tool to protect yourself from anybody’s view.
• Another important advantage of this is that if there is a law suit against such a medical file, the company will not be able to reveal anything.
• If your company stores medical records and you receive a file, which you think was tampered with, then it would help you to determine if someone has tampered with it or if it is something else.
• The company can have DICOM anonymizer created in order to allow more users to come to them. If they store the records in their computers, then it is a waste of space for them

System Requirements:

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
DirectX 9.0c
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent or greater, AMD HD 4000 or equivalent or greater
Intel Core i3 2100 or equivalent or greater, AMD Phenom II X3 2200 or equivalent or greater
4GB (HIGHER is recommended)
Video RAM:
2GB (HIGHER is recommended)
Hard drive

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