The body’s natural detoxification system can try to tell you something if you think it’s actually at work. When detoxification happens naturally, your body breaks down toxins and pathogens from the air, food, water, and other natural sources into molecules it can quickly expel. This process is called excretion.
There are two routes the body takes to excrete toxic buildup in the body. In an acute illness, the body can’t produce enough to go through the excretory system. So the kidneys, which are usually considered an important part of the detoxification system, will retain too much toxins. If a person is recovering from an illness, his kidneys will flush the toxins out through urination so that they can be excreted. This, of course, happens because the body was unable to excrete these toxins.
The problem that occurs when a person’s body believes that the person is at risk for an acute illness and retains toxins from the air, food, and so on, is an accumulation of toxins in the body. For this reason, the detoxification process should begin after an acute illness because the body is not usually able to flush out toxins.
Reasons the body might think a person is at risk for an illness are: a cold, allergy, or flu; sinus or chest infections; or a chronic illness such as diabetes. A sore throat, cough, congestion, or other sign that the body is trying to push out toxins might indicate such an illness. Unfortunately, the body won’t excrete toxins during that illness and might flush toxins into the urine.
While anyone can have problems with their body’s detoxification mechanism, it is important to make sure that is actually your problem and not something else, such as an acute illness. If you are feeling unwell or especially achy, tell a doctor rather than use the problem to avoid sex. Even if you are not feeling well, the body’s signals can be misinterpreted.
The Urine Test
Another thing to consider is that the body of someone who is ill might produce a „yellow“ urine because the body is trying to detoxify. This can affect the taste. However, that wouldn’t be enough to convince you that something is wrong. You need to see the actual amount of yellow in the urine as evidence of illness.
Taste also isn’t reliable. Your taste buds may be altered by any number of things, such as your illness, season, climate, food, or many others. Therefore, if the taste is affecting

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