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Slime Rancher is a single-player, arcade-style, side-scrolling adventure game inspired by the classic action-games of the ’80s. The game follows the story of Rex, an unfortunate duck with an unfortunate love of slime. Rex’s unfortunate love of slime leads him on an unexpected journey full of action, excitement, and platforming!

The game is now available on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS.


SuperEpic is an arcade-style platformer created by a Canadian indie studio called Super Unison Games. Inspired by a variety of classic action games of the ’80s and early ’90s, the game features platforming elements, action segments, puzzle solving, boss fights, and collectibles.


Arcade-inspired platforming: Rex is a very unlucky duck. In the game, he suffers an unfortunate life-changing event. He was sent to live in a small city, where he grew to love the ground, so much that he turned into a sludge-like creature. The player controls Rex with the stylus and must use it to solve puzzles, move around platforms and manipulate objects. The game features boss fights that are inspired by games from the early ’90s.

Action-based gameplay: Rex collects gold coins while he plays mini-games inspired by many action games, including Contra, Metal Slug, Kid Icarus, Earthworm Jim, and Castlevania. In one of the mini-games, Rex’s slime ball body is transformed into the form of a fist. When Rex’s fist hits an obstacle or enemy, the fists meter depletes and he’ll release a fist burst that can hit multiple enemies. If Rex’s fist meter is completely depleted, he will become a full-on person!

Hundreds of collectibles: Rex collects over 100 different weapons, 30 different ammo types, and hundreds of power-ups throughout the game. These collectibles unlock power-ups like the ability to jump a height of three platforms or that makes Rex a fist and makes his fists more powerful, to name a few.

The Good

The Bad

The game reminded me of something that I wish I could pay homage to, but the only one I could find was the article in that New York Times review. It’s a pretty good action-platformer, but it lacks personality and the same feeling I got when I played games


Features Key:

  • 5 Dynamic Matrix style maps
  • A whole bunch of powerful features
  • And finally a mobile phone implementation


SuperEpic: The Entertainment War PC/Windows Latest

While the box proudly proclaims the start of a “new genre” – the War game – in reality, it’s the arrival of a new breed of Yakuza-style third-person action game: the War game, except in real life!
The World of SuperEpic

The year is 2099. The government has declared a “War Game”: a nationwide contest to see who can inflict the most damage on their foes.
Players, chosen at random, gather in cities across the country to fight in this 24-hour cycle of death and chaos, except that you’re actually shooting each other!

What started as an alternative reality game is now a full blown commercial franchise, with players purchasing stickers of their favourite national flag to be displayed in-game. The playerbase continues to grow, despite an occasionally bizarre narrative, with Stickers now topping the charts in terms of revenue for the game.

The powers that be are desperate to fund their latest scheme – the creation of an experimental virtual reality game, no longer a world of fantasy, but a place that can be controlled and manipulated in the real world, live and in-person.

The end result is the Army Entertainment War (AEW), a 64-player battle royale-style “War Game” designed to show just how far the nation’s military capabilities can be pushed.

You are S.U.D.O, a star player in the AEW, and the designated leader for this year’s war game.

In S.U.D.O., you command a squad of five players, each complete with unique skills and special abilities. But if one of your teammates is killed, all your knowledge and experience are gone forever, leaving you left adrift in a new world.

When your squad leader, Ronny, dies in the opening phases of the game, the choices you make will determine whether you are able to rally together a cohesive unit, or if you continue to split into factions.

Experience the harsh real-life consequences of human conflict. It’s up to you to make the right decisions, and define your role in this high-pressure War Game.

Game Features
*Survive and Stay Safe: Blast your way through the battlefield to collect resources that you can trade or sell to gain weaponry and armor. If you’re caught in a police raid, your entire stash will be


SuperEpic: The Entertainment War Product Key Free Download

Gameplay SuperEpic is a straight to the point tower defence game where you must protect an ancient, established, mischievous, and especially talented people.

​Play As Manager​To begin playing the game simply select the “PLAY AS MANAGER” option to begin managing your squad. Your initial income will depend on how many of your most intelligent and versatile people you have.

Select Your People​Once you have a little money to play with, choose how many people to start out with. Your squad will have the option to accept an oath that rewards them for helping in the battle and receiving a limited amount of gold for it, while offering the chance to earn an extra gold per person per turn. To select the oath, click the appropriate button under their names. If they don’t like the oath, they can either refuse it or if they are a “sucker”, they’ll take it.

Select The Battles​You’re no good if you don’t have any people with any abilities, and now it’s time to choose the battle. The battles that are available to you will be determined by the points you’ve earned.

Some of your people have special skills, and some are useless, and that is your choice to make.

A loyal and useful team will greatly benefit your protection efforts, and make it easier to go up against stronger opponents.

Players need to understand that this game is very straight forward in terms of rules and there’s not much room for frustration.

You’ll need to have access to the internet and your phone, you can’t play on offline.

In one corner, you have a team of allies, and in the other you have your opposition.

For each of your players, you have a choice to make for each battle. It’s important to select the right ones for each battle, or the result may be disastrous for your team.

​Objectives​Choose who you want to protect, and you’ll need to make a choice for each of them.You need to defend an entire empire, but your opponents may be targeting you in a sneak attack.Choose which of your players will be dispatched to defeat your opponents.Your supporters may be trained to their best abilities and they need to be protected, but you’ll also need to choose when to bring them back in case they get injured.​Challenges​Choose from several different challenges to play through, each has its own rules, which are easy


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