This is a community-driven mod for the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. Within the games itself, the character may do or say almost anything due to the lack of plot. The people of Eraniel are incredibly tolerant and understanding. In this mod, they’ll only sometimes try to prevent you from spreading horrid rumors.

Within this mod, you will also have a choice in which magic system to use.

Regardless of your choice of magic system (which I will explain later),

Character creation is pretty straightforward. Open the character creator, select one of six different builds, then hit Make. This will automatically fill in all of the default stats, and you can modify them, by hitting the modifier button, and choosing your preferred stat. You may also choose gender and hairstyle.

When creating characters, I’d advise against becoming incredibly overpowered. Your character won’t have any special combat abilities to help you. This is not an RPG Maker mod, and does not directly alter the combat in this game. Instead, the mod balances its effects on the character’s personality and reputation. Plus, there are a few other effects, such as story events, magic, etc. that allow for some extra powers.

This is a companion mod to the Fabled Kingdom Project. The developer himself said that if there is only one mod at all, he’d want it to be this one. Most of the coding, art, and graphics in this mod are based off of this mod.


Everything about the Eraniel Empire is that it is dark, and mysterious. The names of the people are randomly generated. Streets that look similar can have different names. Name your character whatever you wish. If one of your friends, see your character’s name and raise an eyebrow, roll the dice.

The long-time residents of Eraniel don’t have any background story to tell, due to the lack of plot in the main games. Their first living memory is of the earthquake that killed most of their parents. The few remaining survivors, located in the northern part of Eraniel, stumbled onto a continent beyond the sky, and into the heart of an endless sea of stars. The natives call it the ‚Eraniel Empire.‘ It is said that gods created it for the people.

The Eraniel Empire has no borders. It is said that any place that you travel to is considered a part of this empire. Perhaps even a part of the main games


Features Key:

  • Experience breathtaking landscapes, breathtaking stories, and unforgettable characters.
  • Action RPGs that reward exploration, and storytelling.
  • Action RPG’s at their best:
    • Unique Mechanics:
      • Unique Traits:
      • Persona System:
      • Mental Powers:
      • Union Cards:
      • Magical Spells:
    • Tactical turn-based combat system:
  • Hand-crafted stories, unforgettable characters, intriguing locations, multiple endings, and a rewarding gameplay.
  • We make this game.
  • Be part of our fan-base from around the world. Contribute as an Artist, Music Composer or as a Developer.
  • Azure Saga Game Trailer and screenshots:

    Azure Saga



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    Azure Saga is a hardcore, skill-driven, retro-styled
    roguelike RPG, originally known as Azuria Saga. At first, it
    was only created as a test of the programming tools used by
    Sega, and resulted in the game eventually being released as Azure
    Saga, although the title screen still says „Azuria Saga“. After
    the development tools were improved by Turbo Game studio and
    Akinori Otsuka, the game was made more stable and the player
    is able to change their character’s features. The graphics
    and soundtrack were also improved significantly.

    Since Azuria Saga wasn’t able to ship it because of the
    „cheap“ graphics of the Sega Genesis, the game does not
    have pixel graphics. The game uses sprites, which are much
    more advanced than pixel graphics and are more impressive to
    play. Also, there are approximately 50 of these sprites in
    the game. An example sprite is the enemy that the player
    fights for most of the game, except at the very beginning. In
    the original release, a bug in the code caused the enemy’s
    movement speed to be several times faster. This bug was fixed
    by the PC version of the game that features higher resolution
    sprite graphics and background music.

    The game uses a skill system, and in contrast to other
    roguelikes, most of the skills are usable simultaneously. The
    player can use up to four skills at a time. Each skill can
    apply a certain effect, such as an ability or a „custom“
    effect, to the player’s character and/or the game’s world.

    There are four classes available, and the player gets to
    choose which of them to use at the start of the game, when
    confirming the character creation. There are five special
    felix skills, but the player does not get to choose which
    special skills are available. The special skills are gained
    by obtaining a special ffxvi through special dungeons.

    There are also various classes and skills available to the
    player, such as the Blessings of the Gods and the Blessings
    of Man. The Blessings of the Gods are available by using the
    god skills, and the Blessings of Man are available by using
    the skills purchased at some of the shops in the game.

    The player is supposed to be the leader of the party. The
    main character can freely command the other


    Azure Saga: Pathfinder Download [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]

    My first serious foray into non-mobile gameplay development was Travian. When I started working on it, the original plan had been to keep this simple. The gameplay was to revolve around strong points that held the end-user in their immediate surroundings, while they were able to move their armies around a static map.

    The latest module that came out (Player vs Environment) was too complicated for my first game to survive. To give you some background info, the first time I launched Travian on a server, it went great. I connected to an EU server, and everything worked great. When I had to connect to a USA server, I wasn’t able to connect with a demo server anymore. (You can’t make the demo server run on a player’s own server, so we didn’t need the community demo anymore.) There were no configuration problems. I connected to the server as soon as I got online.

    After connecting, I just walked into the main area and was able to play the game for a while. Since it was still really new (Travian was released a few weeks earlier than Pathfinder), I didn’t have a lot of armies and units. I played the game for a few hours, and it was great.

    The first time I launched Pathfinder, I did the same thing. I connected to the server, but I couldn’t get my demo server to run (as mentioned earlier, the demo servers were supposed to run on player’s own servers, but this was not the case in the past).

    I tried launching the server on my friends’ computer, but it wasn’t running. When I opened the menu, it said that the server could not be started because of a file permission error. I couldn’t even change the server settings. I knew that something was wrong, and I started complaining.

    My friend’s computer was running Windows Vista, and since I was using Windows XP, I started blaming the OS. Since I started troubleshooting, it took me some time to find the problem. My friend’s hard drive was filled up, and Windows 7 could not be installed without a 2GB partition. I got that fixed, and I tried again. It still wouldn’t run. My friend started complaining to me about how much work I was putting into the game, since my friend couldn’t play the game because his hard


    What’s new in Azure Saga: Pathfinder:


      With the Pathfinder Bayou, one could envision a situation where a shrubbery has overgrown and overgrown the town. The legend that is told is that this shrubbery will never die; the only solution will be to cut it back. With that in mind, the players are tasked with introducing players in a way that will promote the GM better understanding of the characters and eventually the PCs.

      Where is the Pathfinder Bayou?

      The Pathfinder Bayou is in the southern region of Patagonia. The Pathfinder Bayou is currently inhabited by a group of mercenaries that are employed to protect the region from the region’s own former bandits. During their time in Patagonia, the mercenaries figured a way to use what intelligence they gathered from raiding the countryside versus going to work for the region’s government. Instead, they set themselves up in the foothills and a large range of hills that is roughly at the base of the large South American giant mountain range known as the Andes. With the Pathfinder Bayou and the mercenaries, some townspeople still live in the region. But the adventurers that come from the Pathfinder Bayou have their actions shaped by the locals as much as by the mercenaries and the mysterious men with the crumpled hats that they guard.

      The Beginnings of the Pathfinder Bayou.

      The locals living in the region are a fairly impoverished community. They have been in need of a community leader to take over the region’s daily struggles. A man named Papenfort came into the region with a small packet of a granola like bar. Under his brand, Granola Papenfort Fruit and Energy bar, he produced pop tarts. In addition, he discovered and developed a means of combining two ingredients. Papenfort combined his own spices with the locally produced fruit in a way that had a way to become wildly popular.

      In addition, the mercenaries that had been defending the region taught the locals where to produce salt from the beaches. In exchange, they allowed the locals to freely trade salt back and forth in order to get access to more granola bars and pop tarts. This double deep cart was passed off as a single cart so that the locals could continue to trade with the mercenaries. Eventually, the locals and Papenfort saw a way of utilizing his Pop Tarts in order to collect fees from the merchants. Then, they created a city styled atop the local T-Rex statue, that was legally known as the


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    • Finally, enjoy the game!

    And here’s the code I’m using to download the game:
    import urllib2
    import urllib.request
    def main():
    file_name = ‚C:/Users/Cristian/Desktop/‘
    opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPHandler)„“, file_name)
    except BaseException:
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    System Requirements For Azure Saga: Pathfinder:

    Windows 7 SP1 or later
    Mac OSX 10.6 or later
    4 GB RAM (minimum)
    120 MB of free disk space
    Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz or later
    Support for OpenGL 1.4 and higher
    1 GB of free disk space
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or AMD Phenom II X4 945 or higher


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