Vintage Kolkata!
Players take their place as the head administrator of a sweet water plant on the fringes of the city, an all-important cog in a giant, slowly-winding mass of industrialization that’s wreaking havoc on the world. While the plant’s sweet-water workers and bureaucrats all work towards a grand total of 140 million Rupees of revenue for the year, their superiors are scheming to change the country’s taxation policies and get the government to siphon a considerable amount of the company’s money to their own pockets. Players assume the role of the chief planner; it’s up to you to balance your country’s needs with those of the sweet-water factory!
The heavens part, and the stars fall into place.
It’s a real, honest-to-goodness city in India.
Get ready for the real, honest-to-goodness drinking game.
You’re the head of the company, you decide what to produce and how much to produce it.
This is a full management simulation game, loaded with features and support.
There are several goals you can achieve for the year, like pumping up revenue, expanding your facilities, and delving into the unknown mine at the back of the factory!
If you choose to, you can even have the company go under!
The musical score is full of punchy Kolkata sounds, humor, and a unique, fantastic world you’ll never forget.
Play Over 50 Hours of Nostalgic, Wistful Audio Drama!
– A rich, authentic Indian soundtrack by renowned composers!
– Dramatic, high-quality FMV made using the highest-quality CGI animation!
– Breathtaking, authentic Indian locations!
– A beautifully-written story with an immense variety of plot twists!
– Wacky scenarios, humorous dialogue, and characters that fit perfectly into the setting!
– A true-to-life, humorous, and dramatic experience!
– A sweet tribute to the culture of India!
– A relaxing, relaxing musical drama!

Playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Play as the head of a new sweet-water factory on the fringes of Kolkata, in an attempt to claw your way up the nouveau riche hierarchy, and help in the slow process of industrialization in the


CUBOTS The Origins Features Key:

  • 40+♥ campaigns where you imagine a mission that is all you demand from your government, pimp your own merchandise, or simply blow shit up.










CUBOTS The Origins With Serial Key For PC

CUBOTS is a musical adventure, designed for players of all ages, where you will develop and nurture 25 musical elements as you travel the globe in search of the Ancient Musical Gems. Bring these elements back to your home city and play them in the grand finale of CUBOTS.
CUBOTS is for players ages 10 and up. It’s designed to be played by anyone, so it is suitable for any musical audience. When played, CUBOTS is technically challenging, but for children or adults with a little familiarity with the basics, they will find CUBOTS fun and accessible.
CUBOTS Features:
• Play 25 different musical elements: Indoor Drum, Indoor Gong, Wind instrument, Brass instrument, Woodwind instrument, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Saxophone, Nylon Key, Harmonica, Bells, Steam or Singing Groove Machine, Singing Song, Flute, Fluttering Drum, Conductor, Melody and Melody Producer.
• Develop your musical skills by integrating these elements into your own compositions.
• Create melodies to suit your own style and personal taste.
• Turn dull and fun with the “Wild Note” cards.
• Evolve your musical knowledge with the “Brainiac” cards.
• Eat, drink and get rest at the inn to recover from your journey.
• Take a break to play a board game or read a book.
• Discover music from around the world through the newly added “buddy” feature.
• Make the most of the all-new “Time Travel” feature to experience the history of the “Ancient Music Gems”.
*Language and music/sound effects can be switched in the Editor at any time.
CUBOTS is targeted to a wide variety of music audiences: players of all ages, musicians, aspiring music composers and musicians, music enthusiasts and even those who love to play board games!
TEACHING METHODS CUBOTS can be played in a number of ways.
1. Without music or sounds (a)
CUBOTS is compatible with most devices that run windows and games.
a. For computers, you can download CUBOTS from the website.
b. For PC based on android, you can download BAND from the website
2. Through a Music Booking agency


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No, I am not making it up. This is a dream, or a nightmare.


Serenade Magazine

April 2014


Roses and thorns grow all around,
They may bloom this year, or maybe not
The future depends on us all,
But no one can tell who’s behind
The roses – who’s about to fall

Concealing Rose

The calm before the storm.

To the uninformed, the world of South Asian classical music can seem almost impenetrable, but for a bold and adventurous young Indian musician, there are no back alleys to shy away from. How does one make it in a land where many prefer to keep a low profile? How does one carve out a niche of his or her own without being pigeonholed by the infinite cross-pollination of South Asian music that often dominates the pop music landscape? The bassist R.K. Sarathy is at the forefront of this debate, unapologetically flaunting the particular, exacting technical challenges inherent in Indian music. Where classical training is an obvious, powerful vehicle for a career, he has chosen to explore an indigenous variant he affectionately calls the “Stalinist percussion”, but one that demands a leap of faith, a level of creativity, and the support of an entire community.

Sarathy grew up in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), India, where he was raised by his mother and grandmother. His early exposure to classical music was guided by his mother, who is herself an award-winning singer. His step-grandfather is also a singer, but one with a unique voice that recalls Hindustani music and Tamil classical singing. This blending of influences, Sarathy says, is the source of his genre-bending performance style.

Sarathy began piano lessons at the age of four, and immediately began to show a passion for Indian classical music. In the years that followed, he was exposed to the variety of traditions that encompass the world of South Asian music, from dhol playing and tabla playing to vocal styles and the intricacies of the ektara (a plucked string instrument). His exposure to American classical music and jazz, as well as a short stint at a music school, broadened his musical horizons and by the time he left college, he had determined that he wanted to teach


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