‘Red Lake Falls Horror’ gets stuck in the past. Recruits you to save Red Lake Falls, NY in 1920s with your boomerang-wielding spirit guide. Guide you way through eight grim Hidden Object Scenes to rid the town of ghosts that won’t rest in peace. Scary “dark dimension” levels follow and make this a great game for those of you who love the classic games of old. The mysterious box the spirit guide sends you on your way says “return to your time: after seven days” and if you do not manage to solve the puzzle, the spirits will surely haunt the town!
Key Features:
• Challenge yourself with 80 challenging and exciting scenes and ten “dark dimension” levels to solve
• Simple and intuitive gameplay
• Help your spirit guide and bring back your wonderful town
• Hidden Object scenes and mini games including 7 thrilling adventure scenes
• Novel and unique storyline
• Supports English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish languages
• Highly visual and realistic graphicsQ:

Highcharts – updating multiple series in one go

Just a simple question, and I’m not sure if it’s a Highcharts question.
I have two series, one has 100 points, the other has 400. I want to update both of these at once. I do something like:

But it does nothing. If I copy and paste the new data into both series‘ data arrays, the chart updates without a problem.
Am I missing a step?


You can do this
s.setData(, true);

Updated fiddle


Can’t make PyCharm recognize virtualenv correctly?

OSX 10.10.5
Python 2.7.5
PyCharm Professional 4.5.5
I was having some trouble getting PyCharm to recognize/reuse my virtualenvs when I switched to PyCharm from Eclipse. I found this explanation of virtualenv, and realized that I was using venv and thus not actually using the virtualenv. (As such, something was screwing me up!)
So, I switched to


Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty Collector’s Edition Features Key:

  • Brand new ultra-stylish action-packed game mode where players fight on the front lines,
  • 2 new map with fresh claustrophobic locations to discover,
  • New characters, boss, and futuristic weapons.
  • One extra as bonus feature for starter! This bonus content is exclusive content not distributed by WB Games!
  • Also includes the game and a Star Wars The Old Republic™ card granting a redemption code for the „Dreadnought“ armor set fit for an Imperial Inquisitor.

    (Visit our website at www.wbgames.com) The Games StoreThe Games Store is the official online destination of the video game industry. We are your ultimate source for new release games online, back catalog titles, used games, and more. for all 80 hours of the journey.

    Fukuoka International Airport lies just 26 kilometres from Hakata Station but you will need to first take the Airport-Rapid Express Train (AREX) from Hakata Station. This train costs ¥200 and takes about 15 minutes.

    What to eat

    Fukuoka has a wide variety of places to eat, ranging from fast food to high-end sushi to Korean BBQ and everywhere in between. For a traditional Japanese meal, try gyoza or shaved ice. Places serving some of the best gyoza in Japan include the Fukiya (“gyoza” means “savoury dumpling”) in downtown Hakata, and the Gyoza Honten in Harajuku.

    For an American-style diner feel, try Robbie’s Cafe near Kyobashi Station. For a more local feeling, try Suzunishi-izakaya. The best place to try the famous (and incredibly addictive) Japanese sweets dango can be found at the Ebi sushi shop near Fukuoka station. In winter, be sure to stop off at the yakitori (grilled skewered chicken) restaurant (near Shinkansen exit) to sample their signature dish of chicken served with mango, onion and tomato.

    Where to stay

    Fukuoka’s nightlife is quite developed and it is well worth exploring. One of the best local bars to start the night at is Kamppi, boasting two floors and a terrace out overlooking the beautiful city skyline.


    Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty Collector’s Edition Crack + Patch With Serial Key Free

    One Dark Dimension is a completely original title created by the Swedish developer, Hexagon Games. Its creators perfectly capture the atmosphere of true detective games while adding modern graphics and puzzle mechanics. Enjoy a thrilling mystery journey with a unique and twisty storyline.
    Help Nick find his way through the sewers, solving puzzles and figuring out the secrets of a haunted town. The game takes place in the imaginary city of Red Lake Falls, where Jack Frost stole all the magic from Winter Wonderland. As the shadow of winter looms over the town, strange, spooky things start to happen…
    Like a P.I., you will uncover the mysteries of Red Lake Falls step by step, visiting a variety of intriguing locations. Dark Dimensions is a challenging puzzler with a unique atmosphere and a twisty storyline.
    The Collector’s Edition comes with this game plus bonus content:

    Full Sneak Preview
    Exclusive Strategy Guide (Provides hints and solutions to all gameplay-related issues)
    HD Wallpapers
    Design Concept Art
    Bonus Gameplay videos
    Bonus Fullscreen Background Music

    This Game requires all Achievements, in order to access bonus content please read the instructions carefully.Iowa State University added another prominent receiver to its football program on Thursday when Joe Klecko joined the program and caught a touchdown pass on his first pass attempt.

    The former star of the Iowa Western Community College Mustangs was the first to see the orange turf of Jack Trice Stadium and took advantage of an opening in the defensive coverage for a 49-yard touchdown reception.

    Klecko had the lone catch of the game and threw a pair of touchdown passes in his collegiate career, both of which came in the offseason.

    The third-year transfer from Iowa Western Community College did not try a pass against Iowa State after the dismissal of Jake Rudock.Q:

    Use axios withVue instead of axios with Vuex?

    I am using react, vue and vuex. I am using vuex to manage data and axios to api request. How can I use axios with Vue instead of axios with Vuex? Can I simply pass to axios with vue. Like this?
    import Vue from ‚vue‘
    import Vuex from ‚vuex‘

    import axios from ‚axios‘

    const store = new Vuex.Store({
    state: {},
    mutations: {


    Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty Collector’s Edition Crack +

    EverQuest II MMORPG takes place on a vast, living world, where the entire realm of Norrath exists, and players are free to explore it at will. It has been more than a decade since EQ was launched, and it has never stopped growing and changing. New quests, items, players, towns, dungeons, and even realms have been added to the game over time. The current content count is roughly 180 million lines.

    People are more than just numbers. They are names. More than a name, they are faces. They are there for you to see, hear, and feel. They are there to fulfill your desires, to help you on your way to whatever destiny you have in mind, whether that be your greatest success or failure. Other players. Other people. They exist and they are important.

    Can you work with others to accomplish your own goals, or will you see them as competition? Will you care for them or ignore them? You must decide how you want to treat others and then you must decide how others want to treat you. The player is the ultimate manipulator. These three dozen other players exist for you, and only for you.

    Players affect other players every moment of every day in EQII. It is impossible to live without interacting with other players. If you choose to do so, you are doing something that is harmful to yourself. It is against the law to harm other players, and for good reason. Players are not numbers; they are living, breathing people. They are more than numbers. They are names. Your decisions about how to treat other players affect your experience of EQII. Their decisions will affect your experience of EQII.

    Be careful, and be humble. Be careful.

    Two new game systems are introduced in EQII. The first is the Family system. The Family system is there for you to meet people. Players can be in a Family. A Family can be in a clan. A clan can be in a Realm. There are four types of relationships: Family, Clan, Realm, and Random. Relationships have a number of benefits for the members of a family.

    Relationships also have a certain amount of damage they can inflict on other people in a family. You must use this damage wisely, or it could end up with you as the one receiving the damage. The second new game system is the Language system. Using the Language system allows a player to learn new words, as well as new phrases. These


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