•Huge game world – Ride hundreds of enemies down. Fly hundreds of miles across.•Enemies – Fly around in style as you take down helicopters, tanks, missiles, and the rest.•Battle – Take on your enemy in explosive one-on-one dogfights, or cover vast open spaces in close formation.•Mind-blowing dynamic airborne and mech parts – Experience the thrill of grabbing, transforming, and flying around these massive pieces of equipment.•Online Multiplayer – Race other players on the Internet for the fastest time.

SEGA Store Page

SEGA Shuffle Arcade

SEGA Arcade collection also includes the following games from the SEGA Arcade block. The existing SEGA Arcade games are distributed in this fashion.

Welcome to the SEGA Arcade! It’s our in-house collection of classic arcade games… and now they’re coming to your iOS device! We are delighted to present you with a collection of some of the most popular games of the SEGA Arcade, including exciting puzzle games, action games, and sports games.

Pokey: The Mystery Island

Take a journey to the mysterious island to get the 1000 Pokeys in your way! Simply tap to jump into a Pokey, then tap to catch them up to 3 times.
Tap to jump back to the top of the screen, then tap to descend to the next level.
You can use only 1 Pokey at a time, so use them wisely!

Rainbow & Friends

A tropical island paradise where you can create your own friends and play more than 50 games. While the game includes well-established titles such as Tap, Match-3, Memory and Sudoku, the games listed here are just some of the 100s of games available.


Swap cards, draw lines to connect them and point to the right words to get rid of them. You are starting with one card, so use it wisely.

Riverboat Ninja

A card game of epic proportions. You are the Ninja Riverboat rider, but there is a dragon that needs to be hunted down, and now you are in possession of a little riverboat, and you can also use it to climb walls!

Speedy Turtle

Tap to launch the turtle as fast as you can to avoid being eaten by the other game’s turtles.
This is a very fast game, so be careful to avoid being eaten by the enemies!



Features Key:

  • Platformer game with hand-drawn graphics.
  • The protagonists is a robot girl named Drive Thru.
  • Consists of five levels in total, all with unique environments.
  • Level 1: robotic version of the Bumble Bee fast food outlet.
  • Level 2: the McDonalds restaurant where Drive Thru works.
  • Level 3: a science-fiction-themed convention, which was once known as Roman Park.
  • Level 4: a themed attraction similar to Godzilla-land.
  • Level 5: a humble drive-in movie theater
  • Objective:

    • Go through the first two levels of the game by progressing the player’s quest to deliver food to six locations.

    Playable Action Level: BreakThru!Drive Thru

    Platform: sprite, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color with Super Game Boy features, Nintendo Entertainment System Game Paks, Super Nintendo Entertainment System Game Paks, New Play Control SNES style, New Play Control, Neo-Tracker Auto, Game Paks, New Play Control NES style and New Play Control, NES style. It also ran on the Dragon 32, Dragon 32 Action and MZDK-01 systems.



    High Scores

    • Current Highscore: 59,384 points.
    • Play at this highscore!

    Editor Comments

    • Fast food reject: Drives through a bunch of fast food restaurants.
    • Robot:


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      New game features:
      – Single-player and multi-player campaign modes
      – Survival mode with 20 different enemy tanks to destroy
      – Dynamic online network play
      – Amazing game graphics and new, vibrant and colorful character designs
      – Battle Music track from familiar artists – Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Midnight Oil, Van Halen, The Police
      About Data East®:
      Data East Corporation is a leading Japanese game publisher with a global presence.
      Data East® is an expert in 2D platformer games, with a reputation for creating iconic game characters and memorable environments for a wide range of systems.
      For 30 years, Data East® has set a new benchmark for developer creativity, consistently creating and delivering quality software that delights gamers worldwide.
      As a company we are always open to adapting to any platform or technology, so we can produce high-quality, high-performance content for all of our fans.
      We are committed to providing the highest quality, most entertaining gaming experiences to our customers worldwide.
      We firmly believe the best games come from collaborations between the best independent developers and publishers and Data East®.
      For more information, please visit:
      All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
      – 5 action-packed stages with top-notch graphics, new action-packed boss scenes, and up-to-date gameplay in the palm of your hand
      – High level graphics with sprites from the new cartoon style
      – High-quality game music composed by such beloved artists as Queen, Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and others
      – An assortment of challenging weapons
      – Game play on 3 different aircraft
      – 9 highly useful weapons
      – New pilot, Trevor, who can take the heat and fire his gun while in mid-air
      – A unique transition system will take you directly to the next level whenever you complete a level
      – A re-play system that allows you to experience new challenges
      – Unique Level Optimization System will let you know when the game has been re-played
      – A level editor that lets you make your own levels in-game
      – Includes an in-game book to go along with the CD
      5 New Stage Scenarios:
      A huge bo


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      The Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-Between, And The Great Ones – 16MBThe Good Ones / The Bad Ones / The In-


      What’s new:

      Over at 11:40 in the morning in central Russia, somebody more or less at random flipped on the television and watched a program featuring a man in a ceremonial garb who proceeded to tell the story of the Calibri (the font of Latin script) and the Russian font (Odessa).

      The man-in-the-turbans explained that an ethnic Hungarian journalist by the name of Imre Berger found himself caught up in the events of 1956 and was imprisoned by the Soviets for his activism. Once he was released, he returned to Budapest and came back with his wife and their children, to live near the area of Lake Balaton (the largest lake in Central Europe). The father had been so passionately loyal to the people of his native land that he decided that if he had children, he needed to raise them free from Soviet brutality. Consequently, he packed up and moved to Odessa, leaving his family behind.

      This sort of story goes on and on. With the help of Russia’s version of CNN, a new Russian fake news site called Osnovo.ru, with the help of the head of the Ukrainian Communist Party, Petro Symonenko and hundreds of younger immigrants from Ukraine and elsewhere, Vladimir Putin’s propagandists have created a fake history that they claim means that the original inhabitants of Crimea are wholly composed of Russians and that Ukraine is a federal subject of Russia and its leaders working in the name of the Russian people.

      This is the official line that Russian officials have propagated. The recent referendum in Crimea that sought annexation by the Russian Federation was such a seamless demonstration of Russian revanche against the Ukrainian state. Moscow’s political machine has mesmerized millions of people, especially young people who have grown up in the world of the Internet as avatars rather than in a real world that is substantially bothered by internal problems and that requires them to have more than street level intelligence. To many, the world of the Internet and a cyber army of modern day’s propagandists work seamlessly together.

      And for a while, it worked very well.

      Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 was a masterful theatrical production in which Russia’s President Vladimir Putin went down in history as one of the greatest military leaders in all of history. As if bemused at his own brilliance, the Russian leader proved time after time that he and the Russian military had remained sharp enough to recognize new ruses in his enemies’ playbook


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