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This tool is specific to the capabilities of the mouse, and is a convenient way to customise the mouse behaviour for your specific hardware. The custom mouse accelerator allows you to adjust parameters for each component of the tool, some of which are for limiting the acceleration and/or responsiveness of the mouse, or changing the speed-up behaviour of the mouse.
Each of the settings here are all accessed via the Display window, found by selecting „Tools | Display“. The settings are stored locally on your computer, and should be the same in all browsers you use for Simplode Suite. To do this, double-click on the Display item in the Tools submenu, and then click on the „Keyboard…“ tab. You will see the „Display: Choose…from Last Used Settings…“ window. If you select „Custom…“ and choose the key from the drop down menu, all of the previous settings will be restored and displayed.
If you make custom changes, I recommend saving these settings by clicking on the red, double-arrow button in the bottom right, and then clicking on the „Save Current Settings…“ in the bottom left. You can also copy the settings you need by clicking on the icon labelled „Right Click“, and then click „Copy“ from the contextual menu. This will allow you to navigate back to the Display window and paste it into the prompt.
About Changing the Acceleration Curves:
Mouse acceleration is described in detail in the Documentation found in the /doc/ folder on your computer. This file also contains instructions on how to use the various settings in the tool to control acceleration.
Don’t forget to use the prompt to reload your settings when making changes with the accelerator (unless you’re sure you’ve saved them). Also, once you’ve discovered how the acceleration curves work, I advise you to go back to the guidance file in the /doc/ folder, and move your custom settings to the top, and put them into the other sections in that file, so that there will be a reference in case you have to make changes to the acceleration curves in the future.
About Skipping Acceleration:
The mouse acceleration curve provides some functionality for when you speed up or slow down, without actually having acceleration, in a way that mouse acceleration can smooth out the curve. To disable acceleration, set the curve to zero.
About Changing Mouse Settings on Launch:
With custom mouse settings, you can bypass the operating system settings for mouse speed and acceleration,


Simplode Suite – Mouse Accelerator Features Key:

  • Give your Windows mouse a super powers!
  • No install
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You can enable custom mouse acceleration in the game with the settings below.
In game:

Start / Options…
Physics / Mouse Acceleration

In game settings:

Start / Settings…
Simplode / Accelerator Settings

Enable Acceleration for Mouse Movement (Mouse Accelerator)
You can enable mouse acceleration with the mouse accelerator settings. If you have an unlimited mouse, set the slider for the Multiple Activation to 1 and the Acceleration Max Multiplier to 1. This should give you a pretty direct mouse with the benefits of acceleration.

Note: Simplerose is only compatible with the following mice: Logitech G700, G700, G500, G500, G300, G300, G100, and G80.
You can use the mouse accelerator settings to get customizable mouse behavior in a game of Simplerose. You can use the settings below for the acceleration settings.
In game:

Start / Options…
Physics / Mouse Acceleration

In game settings:

Start / Settings…
Simplode / Mouse Accelerator Settings

Mouse Acceleration Type (Default: Custom)
This controls the kind of acceleration that is produced by the mouse accelerator. I suggest using a custom accelerator here as this will control the behavior of your mouse more accurately than the defaults.
Mouse Acceleration Maximum Acceleration Ratio (Default: 3)
Lowering this will force mouse behavior to be closer to what is found in the preferences.
Mouse Accelerator Acceleration Curve (Default: Custom)
This controls how the mouse acceleration curve is actually drawn, the slider for the multiplier curve will determine how it is actually drawn.
Mouse Accelerator Acceleration Multiplier (Default: 1)
This adjusts how mouse speeds are matched to their accelerations. By default, the mouse acceleration will be a 1:1 ratio of mouse movements. This can be offset by lower values, which produce mouse speeds that are more „in-between“ than 1:1. Higher values mean mouse speeds will be more 1:1.
Mouse Precision Twitch Threshold (Default: 3)
Lowering this will make the mouse behave more like the preferences. Moving the mouse will produce mouse movements to the next pixel. This will ensure that 1:1 mouse movement is maintained, but it can make precision a bit spotty. Make sure to set the mouse velocity multipliers fairly low, and the


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Modifying Custom Acceleration Curve Controls

As stated above, the mouse accelerator can be used to manipulate the feel of the mouse. There are eight sliders, each controlling a specific aspect of the mouse speed/acceleration.

Mouse Speed/Acceleration Slider Values (Up, Down, Left, Right, Zoom): Slow, Normal, and FastMoving through the settings will cause the mouse to slow down, keep its normal speed, or speed up. It can be a bit confusing if you have very different settings to the default. So, it is recommended that you play with the different settings and then revert back to the default values, even if you think you are getting the desired effect. You might find that the default values work for you, but you still need the ability to adjust the curves. Mouse Acceleration Curve (Left and Right)Raising these values will extend the mouse acceleration curve, thus making the mouse slower at low speeds and faster at high speeds. The curve is exponential, so increasing the value will be less efficient at high speeds, and more efficient at low speeds. If you wish to customize the mouse curve to make it less efficient at low speeds, this is the way to go.Mouse Acceleration Curve (Top and Bottom)These settings control the mouse acceleration curve in the top and bottom quadrants. Raising them both will effectively extend the acceleration curve. If you raise both, the acceleration will be slower at low speeds and faster at high speeds, even if you leave the mouse speed at normal. If you raise the bottom curve more than the top curve, you will make the mouse faster at high speeds. I suggest raising the bottom curve only if the mouse is less responsive than you want, and raising the top curve only if the mouse is too responsive. If you don’t raise one curve more than the other, the curve will be the same in both quadrants.Mouse Acceleration Curve (Left and Right)This slider allows the mouse acceleration curve to be extended over all four quadrants. This might be necessary if the top or bottom quadrant is too slow for your purposes.Mouse Acceleration Curve (Top and Bottom)This slider allows the mouse acceleration curve to be extended over all four quadrants. This might be necessary if the left or right quadrant is too fast for your purposes.Mouse Acceleration Curve (Bottom Only)This slider allows the mouse acceleration curve to be extended only in the bottom quadrant. Mouse Acceleration Curve (Top Only)This slider allows the mouse


What’s new:

SDK [free]

Another application that comes with its own launcher called Simplode Xfire after I was inspired to try their „Simplode Collection“. I noticed that the application name was very similar to the launcher name and was thinking that the mouse acceleration might be compatible. At least it is compatible with the launcher but not with the example tutorial and code. However, this application does do exactly what I want. It worked immediately with my Creaton KE-3000. It had mouse acceleration (though not to the level that I expected), and it seemed that the buttons were more sensitive.

Tested with version 1.0 and 1.1.0 and found issues with 1.0. It fixed my issue with hovered checkboxes and table cells. It is now compatible with the code above.

Rated 4 out of 5

Cesar.Ramirez –17.10.2010, 15:58:

Thanks for the replies

Played with your server tools. [Added 04/09/2006]

At first I was testing with ATI graphics card, but I tried testing as well with a nVidia graphics card. I also tried testing on Virtual Box.

I tried your code against the data provided in the link but it did not wokr with my mouse settings, I’m not sure if you can help me because I don’t understand the code or what it is actually doing, this one is different than what I want.

I edited again your code to add the accelerants each time that the mouse position is changed adding it into the last MouseUp() event. This works very, very well.

I was surprised and pleased to see that when the mouse position started to change, the first accelerant you mentioned in the last comment disappeared, so I changed yours in that way:

while (mouseup || data.timestamp > 10000)


It works well with my data, but in some circumstances I need a accelerant to be added each time that the last position is reached.

I hope this helps you to understand what I was looking for.

Thanks again for the software, but from a commercial standpoint I am not sure if I can sell it on the market in this kind of configuration, if not I guess it will not be possible for me to use it by now


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