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Sweety Little Witch Torrent Download is a relaxing puzzle game created by „Lion Deli.“
-In Sweety Little Witch you have to gather six girls and put them in containers.
-The containers should be filled with ice cream to bake the girls alive.
-The girls are very cute and have a good time if you feed them with delicious ice cream.
-Each time when you finish a level you’ll be rewarded with gold.
-It is also possible to put some skeletons in the girls.
-The wordplay of the game is fun and easy.
-If you like high quality artworks with cool cute girls you’ll definitely like Sweety Little Witch.
Also available other Delicious games with cute girls.
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The user friendly interface of Sweety Little Witch increases your ability to learn the game.
you can access to all of the features by clicking on the different buttons located on the top of the screen.
Please give us feedback about any issues that you might find, send us a message at [email protected]
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Sweety Little Witch Features Key:

  • Witch doesn’t sleep. Defeat this witch and return home.
  • Help her sister to find her missing father. She lives in the forest.
  • Help this witch to avoid obstacles on her way to find her father. There is a lot of obstacles in the forest.
  • That’s all I can share about Sweety Little Witch. If you have encountered any bugs or you just can’t find what you are looking for please let me know what exactly.
  • Download:

    Sweety Little Witch 2.2 Update

    Sweety Little Witch 2.2 update

    -- Version 2.2
    - Added default traps
    - Added path caret support (#1)
    - Improved path alignment and mistakes tracker (#6)
    - Fixed bugs (#2, #6)
    - Improved game ui
    - Changed settings page's title "#6" instead of "#5" (#6)
    - Changed Screensaver title from "Alice In Wonderland" to "Sweety Little Witch" (#1)
    - Changed more screensaver titles (#5)
    - Added help button in Settings page (#2, #4)

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    Sweety Little Witch Keygen

    In the future
    the science has changed our attitude to everything, you can now alter the natural rules
    of gravity. It is your task to explore the world and see where it takes you. To find out what
    is the truth in everyday life.
    As always with us we have a lovely girl along with us. And she is in very high of an
    environment and is very cute. So you have to solve the puzzles and collect the
    different elements that you will need in this game. To get the most charming experience
    you have to solve all the puzzles. In this game you will find solutions for various problems
    such as which button to press, how to turn upside down, etc. you will have to find the
    solution to every problem you will face in this game.
    All you have to do is to download Sweety Little Witch APK File and play the game.
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    Sweety Little Witch Crack + Download [Mac/Win]

    Lovely Girls Incredible Atmosphere Great Music Gameplay:
    Game is sooooo fun I took a lot of pictures and I will upload them when I get wifi on my phone and upload them from here. Please stick around until I get that fixed so you can see those pictures!

    In Sweety Little Witch, you must help the little witch win the game against all the bad guys that try to attack her. But every time you hit a butt, you lose a life and you must go to the next level with more adventures. Play Sweety Little Witch to discover all of the levels.

    Hello! We are glad to introduce ourselves! We are a team of hardworking people with different talents that are here to make amazing games with high quality and lots of fun. We hope that you like our games and please support us, so we can keep working on more! Every step is important to us, so give us some love! We are always happy to see feedback and take it into account.

    We also hope that you like our creations and like to play Sweety Little Witch that we are launching!

    We also hope that you like our creations and like to play Sweety Little Witch that we are launching!

    Game Description:

    Sweety Little Witch is a beautifully crafted, high resolution Little Witch filled with Adventure!

    The game is composed of 80 levels and the choice is given to the player to choose between hard and easy difficulty. The game also gives the option to play with retrigger to have a better view of the actions of the player and see his favorite character rewind the action or continue the action. After 5 good hits. the player will have the opportunity to make the most brilliant moves possible or he can continue to play at the same difficulty.

    Players who choose the easy difficulty have an additional line of difficulty to learn how to defeat the enemies.

    The graphics, sound and music with the High definition download version are awesome.

    Game Features:

    – Composed of 80 levels of adventure which are fully playable- HD graphics- 720P High Quality Graphics- The most authentic sound in the whole Little Witch series- Improved controls- Retrigger option- Tap the button to rewind time- Player can choose easy or hard difficulty- Very enjoyable level and addictive gameplay- The game offers many achievements to reward the player and challenge his skills- The possibility to play alone or with other players- Join the witch’s adventures to win the game- Have a great time


    What’s new:

    „Sweety Little Witch“ is a song by English rock band The Vaccines and is their debut single from their eponymous debut studio album. It was released on 22 September 2010 as the lead single from the album. The song was written by Justin Lyons, Joe Goddard, Camille Purcell and Robert Schwartzman and produced by James Ford.

    Composition and recording
    „Sweety Little Witch“ is inspired by the song „Best Wishes“ by the American alternative rock group The Cure, which was featured on the band’s tribute compilation album 3 Words (2006). The Cure’s lyrics „Only one to find where blue meets gray / In the frozen streets of St. Petersburg“ serves as the opening line of the song.

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