Match 3 is a popular casual matching game that has over 100 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play.
Now you can play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
**** IMPORTANT!!! The game is FREE but some items within the game can be unlocked through the in-app purchases.
Difficulty level depends on your skill and purpose.
You can play casually in an easy mode, or challenge yourself with many variations of modes:
– Time limit
– Move limit
– Score limit
– Trophy mode
– Challenge mode
(additional) Modes and time/score limits vary with the devices they are applied to.
– Collect trophies
– Win matches
– Fruits
– Conundrums
– Remove tiles
– Other achievements
– Achieve a specific score
– Reach level 100
– Other achievements
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This game is always being updated with new features, new game modes, new challenge modes and new trophies. We hope that you enjoy playing this game!
Special thanks to our loyal players that share their precious time with us and make these updates happen!
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Mighty Islands – the mobile version of the successful PC game, available now for iPhone!
Teams of four roam the beautiful islands and the seas of Tropica in search of mythical islands. All their treasures, however, are in the hands of other players!
Ocean Explorer is a great game, easy to learn, but very difficult to master.
Hundreds of islands, different team compositions, unique game modes, modes of play, and a lot of fun await you in this game for all ages!
You never get bored, because the game offers a number of maps that are constantly being expanded with new islands, with different economic conditions.
Extremely varied classes of mythic monsters, and many islands and special locations – everything is waiting for you to explore!

A new kind of Match 3 game
It’s interesting to


Swipe Fruit Smash Features Key:

  • Adorable retro game play in a simple-to-learn user interface.
  • Simple fruit matching game.
  • Simple controls that will work on any platform.

Swipe Fruit Smash is a simple arcade-style game from the palm of your hand. It is simple to learn, but offers hours and hours of addicting game play.

The object of the game is simple. You grab any of the fruit the mouth decides to spit out. The important thing to remember is that you must touch the screen as the fruit is spat out. If you touch the incorrect fruit or miss it, you lose a life.

Get a bunch of fruit matched and crush them for more points.

A handful of individual fruits will eventually come out. Press and hold on the icon to clear the target fruit from the game. Score points for each fruit that you clear.

If you clear all the fruit, wait for the game to finish before continuing.

Key Features:

  • Simple Game Play in a Simple Interface
  • Simple controls suitable for any platform.

If you do not want to waste time playing, you should leave now. It takes your time. You could be reading this and playing Fruit Smash right now.

Swipe Fruit Smash, a quick and friendly arcade style game designed to be played on the iPhone.

Swipe Fruit Smash:- Game Types

  • Classic Fruit Smash Game
  • Break Out Fruit Smash
  • Fast Fast Fruit Smash


Swipe Fruit Smash Crack Free [Mac/Win] [April-2022]

– Play our fun and addictive game
– See the cool characters and pink dinosaur
– Smooth and intuitive swipe controls
– Get the power-ups
– Beat the daily challenge
– Earn some coins, so you can buy cool stuff in the shop
Game Features
– 100+ challenging levels.
– Cool colorful characters and pink dinosaur.
– Fun and addictive gameplay.
– Various power-ups for you to collect.
– Beat the daily challenge.
– Earn some coins, so you can buy cool stuff in the shop.
– Smooth and intuitive swipe controls.
– No timer limits.
– 1 move limit.
– Main Titles: Swipe fruit smash

Play this game when you want to have fun.
Place your finger on the screen to clear the background and make the ball jump.
There are different world modes:
– Life Bar
– World Map
– Adventure Race
– Coin Locker
– Time Trial
– Endless Tower
This game has multiple background themes, depending on the world mode that you choose.
Can you clear every level?
Are you ready for more challenging levels?
Contact me at @for7 for offers.
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Games are periodically updated so check back to see the newest versions.
This app


Swipe Fruit Smash Crack + (Updated 2022)

On Monday, November 17, we’ll officially be releasing this awesome puzzle game for mobile. The developer of the game, Richard Lai, is such an awesome person that it’s almost embarrassing to have him write his blog like this: “You guys made this a reality, we are overwhelmed. Now we have an opportunity to have our masterpiece finally available to everyone worldwide.” Words can’t describe how excited I am that this game is officially available for download! You can get it for iOS now on Apple App Store.

On the App Store this is just a beta so please be aware that not all features may be available yet.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of match-3 games. Each game is similar to a crossword puzzle, with various match-3 elements. The twist with Match-3 Swipe Fruit Smash is that it’s a match-3 game that involves smashing fruits. Our brain becomes exhausted from all the match-3 matches and matches and matches and matches until the 3 final apples pop out. Or at least that’s how I’m playing it. For the puzzles that I’m solving, I use this game in just 3 or 4 minutes. It may seem like you’re playing the same game, but you’ll be surprised by the levels that you can unlock and levels that you can complete.

This is a massive time-saver. How many times have you felt like you had to complete one of those tedious match-3 puzzles, only to get completely stuck and give up? I personally think that Match-3 Swipe Fruit Smash is a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. I’m not talking about the 100 levels with thousands of possible solutions, I’m talking about the 20 levels in which you have 4 possible solutions. For example, a level might have 4 different solutions where each solution is a puzzle with 12 fruits and two colors.

Match-3 Swipe Fruit Smash has awesome achievements. These achievements take time to earn and they also require you to use a special technique to solve the puzzles. Let me show you:

Puzzle Solve Unique Achievement

The first time you solve a puzzle in an individual solution.

Very Useful Achievment

Completing a puzzle after solving a previous puzzle.

Did you see that? Those are the achievements you need to achieve in order


What’s new in Swipe Fruit Smash:

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