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Name Welcome To… Chichester 2 : VNMaker Version
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.94 / 5 ( 3993 votes )
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„Way Walkers: University is a truly interactive novel, set in a world where freewill is paramount. Every choice you make decides your fate, and defines your very soul. “
„Way Walkers: University“ is a story of four students, Lucas, a beautiful, talented healer, Neo, a rebellious fighter, Alya, a driven mage, and Daniel, an ambitious diplomat, on their journey of discovering their talents, and each other. In a world of freedom, where science and magic are the same, their story unfolds through hundreds of conversations, dramatic events, and choices that affect the direction of their story lines.
As you read you will experience events in your friends’ lives that will lead you, by your choices, to another world than where the students are. The interplay between past and present will reveal a deeper story, and together the choices you make will determine your destiny.
You can participate in conversations during your reading, and even change how the story unfolds before your eyes! With more than two dozen choices, each of you can make any combination of events that will eventually affect your outcome.
‘Way Walkers: University’ is a truly interactive novel, in a unique universe where freewill is paramount.
Key Features:
A Truly Interactive Story – You can directly influence the story in different ways, by answering questions, interacting with characters, or even changing things that happened in the story world. You can also affect your friends‘ fates and the order in which events occur, depending on the choices you make.
A Truly Interactive World – You can even go back in time, to a chapter which has already happened. Which choices are left in the world, the past and the present, all depends on you.
A Truly Interactive Universe – You can live in different worlds and cities, or even have different past lives. Everything you see is the result of a choice you made.
An Interactive Novel Experience – Ask questions, experience a totally unique experience and discover what really happened. There is no single way of reading this novel. You choose your own path.
A Truly Interactive Immersion – Being immersed in the world of Way Walkers is a real experience, since you can in fact influence it.
Make Sure To Read The Book – The book is more than just words. A game, in its best sense, is something you interact with, and the novel has plenty of interactivity.
Best of all, you can go back and relive the experience


Additional Information

Name Welcome To… Chichester 2 : VNMaker Version
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.94 / 5 ( 3993 votes )
Update (12 days ago)


Features Key:

  • 1. Except you position players in the chichester 2 bonus teams.
  • 2. Except you place players in the new chichester 2 bonus teams.
  • 3. Except you place players in all the Chichester 2 tournaments (WSR, WSR2, WTE, WTE2).
  • 4. You can add or hide particular tools of each of the in game games.


Welcome To… Chichester 2 : VNMaker Version Crack + With License Key Free Download (Final 2022)

VNN 2 Chichester

This game is still in it’s Alpha phase and still needs tons of work and polish. There are plans to release Beta version soon!
– More features
– Shader improvements
– Improved UI
– New Audio
– Improvement of the Save/Load system
– Improvement of graphics
– More monsters
– More levels (dungeon)
– Additional enemies
– Additional weapons
– Coloured level editor
– Ability to create your own levels
– Levels with multiple items
– Portrait Support
– Portable device

The future is very bright for Chichester! To keep yourself updated on the development of Chichester, follow me on twitter or subscribe to my facebook group:
If you enjoyed this game, please consider donating to support the devs. It will make a huge difference to us!

CHIBIERCHESTER is a game by Domis Labakis.
You’re a healer called Chibi Chibs, and you’re the newest addition to The Plan, a secret organisation of mages and sorcerers.
A prodigy, a risk-taker, a rogue you’re more or less that. But you’re more or less that anyway, aren’t you. What matters is that you belong to the prestigious family of healers, and that you’re smart enough to work your way up.
Anyway, in the spirit of rogues like you, we’ve been keeping the list of all the people living in the city in our heads, secretly so. You know what I mean. Like, we know that you’re tired of living in the sewers, and you know that there’s plenty of rooms in… wait a minute… just kidding.
Whatever. In short, we already know where you’re hiding. But don’t get too comfortable. We might just have figured out a way to hunt you down…
The Plan:

Hrmm… So… What are we gonna do about this then? I’m pretty much giving up, I’m so tired. I mean, come on, I’m a guy, not some magically strong NPC. I need to rest!
By the way, if anybody wants the version of Chibi Chibs as a pet, I


Welcome To… Chichester 2 : VNMaker Version Crack + Download For Windows [Latest 2022]

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What’s new:

Author:Akubov, Nikolai


Date: 15 October 2013

Version history:

Version – 15 October 2013


– Added “small” vignette effect to the “original” color tab.

– Fixed missing panorama orientation curves.

– Fixed VNMaker build at Tor — port to gcc 4.8 (as of Jan 2014).

– Fixed all namespace utilities visual studio project files have the build project.sln file broken.

– Fixed all new target.dlls have undecodable Win32 error messages.

– Fixed Color Manager compilation.

– Fixed Port Control Center color picking & alignment.

– Fixed UV seams rendering.

– Fixed texture mapping for the Planets and the moons.

– Fixed typo in smthumol.dll.

– Fixed Sign Scan drawing.

– Fixed icky soft shadows.

– Fixed placing of the VNMaker icon on the desktop under Windows 7.

– Fixed shader costs and memory usage optimizations.

– Fixed level authoring layout.

– Fixed attachment system for font files.

Version – 09 September 2013


– Unreleased Fireworks target support.

– Exposed all GUI loader/unloader and loaders event registration methods.

– Checked, updated and added new UI system features.

– Exposed UI component to be reference counted and notified on component resize and inactivity.

– Added support for Autocad 2012/2013.

– Added support for browsing through directories on startup.

– Added support for multi-view panorama.

– Added support for sculpting UIs, setting rigid geometry mode and portal mode.

– Added support for extra GUI API integration, you can drive the UI from any of your classes.

– Added support for alignment snapping.

– Added support for restoring saved layouts.

– Added support for defining custom fonts at the editor level.

– Added support for editor md5 verification feature.

– Added support for string interpolation


Free Download Welcome To… Chichester 2 : VNMaker Version Serial Key [32|64bit]


How To Install and Crack Welcome To… Chichester 2 : VNMaker Version:

  • Select one of our supported languages below.
  • FTP the file „Invincigames-Chichester-by-teamV4.rar“.
  • Choose C:/ in order to install it.
  • To run the game, download the game->WOW!->Run and follow the on screen prompts. Please report the game crashes.
  • Read the Tutorial

    11 May 2013 20:20:01 +0000Jun 2 2014 – Bugs

    What’s new?

    • Bug-Fix: How to ugprade the game to patch 1.03?
    • Bug-Fix: Icon „FUI“ is broken now.
    • Bug-Fix: Change pack install folder to C:\ for operation.

    What’s new?

    It’s because i’ve changed to beta1 for 1.03 and only works in beta now.

    Unfinished Updates:

    – Widescreen Modes

    – Added H264 Scaler too.

    – Internal menyt, to get 3D Settings.

    Is alpha <> beta? O.o

    Alpha = Version 1.x of the file.

    Beta = Version 2.x of the file (Latest Verson)

    = Old versions of this file, which don’t work with 1.


    System Requirements:

    NVIDIA GTX 1080/ TITAN X or ATI R9 Fury/ Fury X
    4 GB RAM
    30 GB HD Space
    Rift or Keyboard and Mouse
    Windows 10, 64 Bit
    This app will be released on Steam, you will be able to download the latest version through the’my games‘ tab.
    Once installed you will be able to enter the game by double clicking on ‚Into the Nexus‘ in your Steam library
    (There will be a tutorial to help you set up the controller settings)


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