As a feeble genetic remnant of Earth’s earliest life, one can sympathize with a colony of little fleas scraping out a living in the hours, days and weeks between hearts beating and clocks ticking.
This is a new kind of cerebral shooter. The hero, you, melds into a living matrix of strings and pixels moving around a living world. With a joystick, fly around, play an RPG of sorts, build connections, attack and evolve yourself as you fight for the right to escape the heart of the hive.
You become reality in the waning moments of existence.

This 3rd person graphic adventure game takes place around a crew of spies; on the verge of getting arrested and the world to forget they were ever there, this crew of ruffians and thinkers work tirelessly to eek out a living. The player assumes control of one of their highest ranking officers, who has a failing memory and a penchant for bulletproof vests. Their plan is simple: set up a series of traps within a well controlled room, which they will then loot with a sound level blasting system. At each stage of the plan they will lay in the trap, then go through it, checking it out, and then create a backup system of traps to ensure that no one can steal their loot and escape.

The basics of setting up traps is simple enough for a nervous cat to accomplish: enemies are briefly blinded in one spot, then somehow suddenly appear in a different area of the room. In order to carry this out the player must first tap on the spot of a triggering sound effect to mark it, then tap on the spot of the enemy’s vision start. This causes the enemy to be blinded for 1 second; after that they must be hit to knock them out. In order to do the damage the player must tap on the enemy’s body in the amount of damage they wish to perform.

To defend the room the player begins with a pistol or a throwing axe, but at each turn more powerful weaponry is added to the arsenal, the pistol becoming a shotgun, the pistol a grenade launcher, the throwing axe becoming a missile launcher and the pistol a rifle. These guns can be reloaded with bullets, grenades, missiles, ammo racks and/or the player’s own persimmons, which are in short supply. All kinds of action is available to the player: shooting, running, sprinting, leaning, balancing, picking up, tossing, searching, breaking, blocking, grappling, and more.


Where They Cremate The Roadkill Features Key:

  • Load up to 100 preloaded random characters;
  • Load up to 100 preloaded custom characters (those not included in the DLC pack and the other expansion packs, such as goodies, faces, etc);
  • Share your non-transferrable save game with your friends of other PS3 consoles;
  • No limits for the number of characters (saving/transferrable);
  • Random option: black, silver or gold character;
  • Goodies option: 0 or 1 goodies.


  • 100 preloaded random characters. Character IDs from A to 0;
  • 100 preloaded custom characters. Character IDs from A to 0;
  • In game character improvement for custom characters;
  • In game character improvement for the trash;
  • In game character improvement for the black market;
  • Character queues in the character’s info screen. Click’em for it;
  • Saves for custom characters are shared with friends;
  • A new character creation interface;
  • Customization (favorite traits, cosmetics, skins, clothes, tattoos, hair, piercings) for custom characters;
  • Character battle system as the DLC pack “Faces” does it;
  • Character zone system as the DLC pack “Faces” does it;
  • Touch screen control;
  • Repainting the figures;
  • Environment view window;
  • Inventory window;
  • Character info window;
  • Relationship level up screen;
  • Rage mode;
  • Random scene mode;
  • Custom sound options;


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A thread of three lives confront the personification of appearances as it grows from larva to adult. At the dead-end of the future a telepath assists the embodiment of insanity and is marooned in the mind of a flea. In the primeval past one quadruped forages for food as a sentient cancer swallows the last of Earth’s living tissue. Between the present’s many crossroads a jobless coolie that cannot die kills for rebellion and revenge. All this as a desire for sleep returns in the heart of existence. Where They Cremate The Roadkill Crack For Windows is an interactive playground for the curious that involves all five senses. The fully animated world is playable and offers death defying death to the over six hundred inhabitants living in the real world of the triplet than form. Players start by choosing one of the three races of the 9 realms of their world. The six realms are air, fire, water, earth, plants and animals. Each realm is self contained and filled with inhabitants, roads, buildings, and the frenzied life of the city. A progressive method of discovery is utilized in these realms where players wake to solve problems and can interact with them by means of technology and instrumentation. Some of these players will remain in the realm while others will be exhumed and presented to the player as a challenge from the past.
About AKON:
AKON is a non-profit independent media company. It distributes a variety of content including downloadable video games, original TV and radio shows, and artistic short films. AKON has produced everything from interactive fiction to random acts of brilliance. It is also the home of the popular mixtape series AKON Music Show.
AKON was founded in 2001 by activist and songwriter N.A.S.A. We are also the makers of the webcomic „I Feel Way Too Good in a Bitch“ and have developed a cult following for the comic on Amazon under our profile „Kimkeli“ We are very proud of the comic, but it is done with hobbyist comics. We are currently an online radio station, which features international artist and dj’s as well as „AKON Music Shows“
About The Author
Stephen Nathanson is AKON’s founder and is the creator of Where They Cremate The Roadkill Crack For Windows. He was born on a dead planet, but was brought to this world via brain transplant from a fly; a K-9 detective that was sent to


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-each level features more than 3D environment textures allowing for typical feats such as jumping, climbing and dodging
-3D enemies either visible in the foreground or distance (Fascism makes for good enemies!)-Each „enemy“ may move, turn and act independently of one another, as each is intended to be a stand-alone entity-World wide map is used at the most appropriate level of detail-Spatial navigation (up, down, left, right, forward, backward) is used to move from one level to another-Interface is dynamic and immaculately crafted-Set on an AnvilStory:
-The first quarter of the year 9999, an era resembling a paranoid take on the book of Revelations, is about to dawn when a telepath, with a dark and personal destiny, encounters a tentacled sea creature that will change his life forever.
-This telepath’s self-invented existence, is the product of search for a world within which he could process his dark visions. He would view his own death as an appropriate destination.
-To construct the universe of his future, he utilizes a mind that contains the world’s entirety and every living soul. In each living soul is a mind-generated set of memories. This mind would become a second universe; one which is destined to be a refuge for the telepath as he escapes from his own version of death.
-In this telepath’s universe, there is but one word that is known to all; sleep. As if it were some great prize; Each soul has a goal for reaching this word and each arrives at this word from different roads. Death is merely a sudden manifestation of time, but a home for the soul to reside within.
Gameplay Trailer:
Played in a demo version of the game on the PC and walked through every level…

After watching, I can imagine myself playing through each scene, possibly from several different viewpoints–Survivor horror!—A message from THW&H’s Twitter!
Join us! @THW&H on Twitter!
Follow THW on Twitter —


What’s new:

    For the past few years, field biologists Andrew Light and Alkiviia Gershengoren have been studying the practice of roadkill burial in the deserts of the central southwestern United States. Their findings are important for a variety of reasons, but most notably because the phenomenon is believed to be expanding across the region.

    There’s no question that the Southwest is hot, with so much petrochemical residue and industry sprawling outward that fewer hot or cold months are to be found in the desert region. When a heavy vehicle crashes, the driver or passengers typically exit a vehicle, roll out into the hot desert air, and either die or suffer serious injuries in the first minutes before collapse. But over time, as the sun beats down and the body drinks in the available water, the body eventually begins to dehydrate and the resulting distress will eventually endanger other species.

    Over time, road kill increases. It will be safe to assume that the majority of the carcasses are found in the local environment. The rodent populations have already started to increase; one question remains, but whether the dump sites are newly developed or simply the natural progression of exotic species encroaching from the margins.

    Out of a natural curiosity for the means of their own demise, Andrew Light and Alkiviia Gershengoren were shocked to discover that the majority of the carcasses they find appear to be treated with such reverence by the local population. One day, they found the remains of a deer at a dump site along a desert truck route. The brevity of work suggests that the driver was not familiar with the area, a first for an incident like this.

    Soon, the researchers encountered a disturbing trend. Every day, they found more carcasses at the same location. Light suspected that the phenomenon might be more widespread than the area they were studying.

    A couple months after, they discovered that the ceremony had spread beyond their research subjects. The next most likely group to be observed were human beings, with similar decorations seen in the fields outside the cities and with bodies buried deeper beneath the surface. A trek across the region yielded an alarming discovery.

    Human Beings Killed On U.S. Interstate Highways

    The overwhelming evidence suggests that this remarkable mortality culture has spread locally and beyond. Witnesses from Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, and California reported seeing elements of road murder along their routes. Government leaders in Arizona and New Mexico even brought documents back to support their claims.

    Case in point. In


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