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You could do that using std::regex_replace, but please don’t:

int main() {
std::string s = „Hello world!“;
std::regex re(„“);
std::string t = s.erase(std::regex_replace(s.begin(), s.end(), re, „“), s.end());
std::cout „, end);
if (end!= string::npos) {
htmlRemovedObjects += „“;

string htmlWithoutObjects = html.substr(end);

Lateralized sexual relationship and marital and extra-marital affairs among Jordanian university students.
Sex education is basic part of the academic curriculum in Jordan. Knowledge and attitudes toward sexual relationships are affected by their style and content. The present study examines sex knowledge, attitudes toward sexual relationships, and the presence of sexual problems among university students in Jordan. A total of 1872 university students from five different institutions answered a questionnaire that included

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