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I am comparing the output of the grep command with the output I can see on the webpage:

What can I do to help troubleshoot?


When you open the page that you downloaded the files from, you will see the file, „crack/run_c1240.exe“. That was probably left over from when you downloaded the crack and Teamviewer installed their application. You should remove that file from your downloads folder. It’s not likely that it will cause any problems, but you never know.

From’s tojocom at the pumpkin patch!

From left, Susan Riley, Katie O’Rourke, Catrina Ciszewski and Emily O’Rourke at the pumpkin patch.

On Sunday, Oct. 19, 2012, the first annual Camp Woodward Pumpkin Patch and Art Festival took place at Woodward Farms’ pumpkin patch in Gowanda, N.Y. Twenty nine local artists and craftspeople sold and displayed their work; the pumpkin patch and art festival were made possible through the collective members of the Woodward Farms Market Group.

“It was a great time for everyone,” said Emily O’Rourke, “specially for the kids, as they were able to see the actual pumpkins and get to know the artists, while shopping and meeting their neighbors.

“We all had a lot of fun and left feeling a bit like we were at a funfair.”

Susan Riley, a long-time past organizer for the Woodward Farms Market Group and a member of the market group’s Community Relations Committee, with Emily O’Rourke

The event was held at Woodward Farms’ pumpkin patch, approximately 15 miles from Gowanda, in the town of Gowanda. The pumpkin patch itself is a picturesque setting, where there are scarecrows throughout the park, a huge collection of pumpkins, a corn maze and a hay maze. The barns behind the pumpkin patch were decorated and all of the pumpkins were painted in an Art class during the month of October.

“We wanted to start off a new tradition here at Woodward Farms,” said Suzie Cobb, who was a past participant in the pump patch and art fest. “A monthly event like this is an opportunity to show off


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