grindr is the most trusted social networking app for finding sex, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more specific, you can be sure to find something in the neighborhood. grindr is not just for hookups, but finding someone who shares interests such as video games, music or going out or just to meet a new friend.

meetme is another mobile-first mobile app that offers a searchable profile section, so you can find different types of profiles, from people looking for a hookup to want more, to users looking for a friend or just to socialize. meetme is also free, but it’s got a few limitations, the site is only compatible with ios and android devices, you can only be matched with someone who is also on meetme, and the privacy settings on the site are pretty limited.

firstly, bter is a non-profit dating app with more than 13 million users. the site is simple, its free and lets you search all kinds of people, which is not just for hookups, but for regular dating and relationships.

okcupid, like hinge, makes it as easy as possible to tell people what you’re looking for. you can also check out the „people i’m dating“ section on their homepage, which is where youll find your match. in this section, you can check out the other users that are on their app, even if they’re not youre current match. they call it „people matching.“ now, as with all apps, the ones ive had the chance to try are only the tip of the iceberg. make sure to check out as many as you can to see what you think of them, and we’re sure you’ll find at least one you’ll want to keep around for awhile.

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