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The 1940s and 1950s marked the start of political violence and guerrilla warfare in Colombia, and most authors abandoned the emphasis on regionalism that prevailed in earlier times and adopted a more universal and experimental narrative style. Sfs most prolific period began in the 1960s with authors such as Ren Rebetez and Antonio Mora Vlez, who openly identified their work as science fiction. For much of his life, Rebetez (1933-99) lived outside his native country, primarily in Mexico. There he published a large part of his oeuvre, beginning with Los ojos de la clepsidra[The Clepsydras Eyes, 1964], a volume containing many sf stories and poems. Those of his sf stories that appeared in La nueva prehistoriay otros cuentosn [The New Prehistory and Other Stories, 1967], Ellos lo llaman amanecer[They Call it Dawn, 1996], and Cuentos de amor, terror y otros misterios[Stories of Love, Terror, and other Mysteries, 1998] are well known for incorporating elements of the genres traditional iconography into a mythic, latino-flavored environment. Rebetezs early literary criticism was published in Ciencia ficcin: la cuarta dimensin de la literatura[Science Fiction: Literatures Fourth Dimension, 1966].

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it is easy to make lists of most important writers of the 20th century, but if you do so, you will end up with very different lists that may have some preconceptions in common and that all had a particular reputation to overcome in the literary field. amongst the most important, but there are others that are still less known, such as germaine guyard or garcia alonde, those in my opinion have been forgotten or misjudged. i wouldnt call them good writers, but i think they have a worthy reputation that is often misunderstood. other people, especially in the spanish world, will probably think that i mean manuel vazquez montalban. both mencieros and sara bernaldez use guyard as a reference point, and most of the great spanish literature is written by these two. the problem with someone like germaine guyard is that the spanish literary elite has always looked down on her for her work and the fact that she translated it from french. while her work has recently been taken more seriously in spain, even some of the major names have only written a few comments about it, and they are very negative. again, only time will tell.
today we continue our recent promotion of the latin american science fiction community with a talk from venezuela. in this special day, which also happens to be international science fiction day, we have a guest author from colombia. marcela yoswia alba cifuentes, an editor of lima’s luna azul publishing house, also known as miel, will be joining us. we are going to have her talk about her books.
juan pablo castaños was born in colombia and has published several works of sci-fi/fantasy, including siete legaciones de magon de la lliure [seven degrees of magon the magician]. (see my review of his novel here ). i have two copies of this, one that is english and the other in spanish. he is in this episode as well. a special thanks to juan for coming on the program today.

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