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ReclaiMe File Recovery Full Version 23

Theres no doubt that R-Studio is a very capable data recovery tool. Its great for beginners, however, some professionals prefer to use other products because its less intuitive and interface isnt configurable like most other tools on the market. No questions asked its a good tool. The only downside is that its not yet fully compatable with newer Windows formats. Other products are regularly updated.

Under normal circumstances, its hard to find files thats been deleted or corrupted. Even if this is your main work (as its mine) you probably work with lots of other people that regularly overwrite important files, and you also have tons of other files on your computer that you routinely overwrite without realizing it.

Most file recovery software you go to find relies on complex algorithms to find the files. Some of these algorithms involve utilizing hard drive/compression settings and other things to make sure theres not any surprises in the data. But theres a problem. Its often infeasible to remember all of the settings that would have to be found by the file recovery program. To make matters worse, if a setting is changed, the program probably wont restart to find all of the files again. This forces the user to reboot and start over.

R-Studio works differently. Its specially designed algorithm is smarter and intuitive. The algorithm can be configured on the fly which allows it to be tuned for different scenarios. This means when you use it, youre always going to recover all of the files it can find. If its not finding all of the files, youre not wasting your time and risking overwriting important files. With other programs, its not uncommon to have to start over or have to reenter settings.

I really like ReclaiMe File Recovery Standard. It does what it is supposed to do, and as long as you know what you are doing then it will work well. It found every file on my drive except for the ones that were lost as a result of the bad partition table. It’s a great product for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of experience with this type of situation. It’s well done and easy to use.
I have the Pro version of ReclaiMe File Recovery. It is a nice program with a nice interface. My files are backed up at work but I’m still using the program. I have about a 1 TB drive and haven’t found anything I can’t recover from this version.
R-Studio works great for me. It takes a long time to scan a drive and I’m still searching for the right combination of options to make it faster. The program is easy to use, and I can see what files I can recover.
I bought the full version. Then I got a virus that corrupted the partition table. I checked before I did anything and the damaged partition table continued to present data as though the drives were working. I have two WD Black hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration, and ReclaiMe File Recovery found all of the data I lost in less than an hour. I had to use RAW files as “media” but it worked well. I would definitely recommend this program if you have a good amount of money to spend.
I recently bought the full version of ReclaiMe File Recovery and used it to recover one of my drives. I had about 7 TB of data on the drive, and it found over 6 TB of information. I can’t get at a whole lot of the files because they are in a group format. The program is extremely easy to use with a great interface. I highly recommend this product.

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