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Is it The Secret of the Harp Bridge? by Thomas IceA new difficulty level came out today! The reason this has been done is because I felt that no matter which difficulty you tried, the challenges were still hard enough, but they could be done more efficiently with luck. (read all tips under Difficulties) The title of this update is The Secret of the Harp Bridge. I hope you guys enjoy this as it is the first time Ive gone for this route. The reason I will be rating this first is because if I fail in this format, I won’t be able to ask for help on the forums. (I dont know how to create these on your own and it would be a pain to have different ones for each difficulty level). The difficulty of this level is Moderate to Hard. In the name of the first challenge, we are travelling by river. There are 4 locations to reach in the river, and I will list them to you. The order in which you visit the 4 locations is important. This is because the first time you meet Captain Scott will be the hardest time of your journey. The second easiest time for you is the second time you meet Captain Scott. Making it easier by a little will be the third time you meet Captain Scott. The hardest time for you will be the last time you meet Captain Scott. The river will take you to a large city, where there are several places to explore. Some of these places will be on fire, and there will be many new missions to take on. This will also add a lot of other objects for you to find. There are new objects to find and new items to wear, which you can find by traveling into the new rooms. On your way to one of the locations, you will meet a very perplexing robot. Talk to this robot, and you will get the next difficult challenge! There is no tutorial on how to fix this one though. The next difficult challenge will be found after meeting the robot, and will be when you try and stop the robots defences from destroying the bridge. Even though this is a hard and medium difficulty level, this is the easiest of the 5 difficulties. It is actually the easiest of all of them. I recommend getting help on the forums if you have any difficulties.

The game itself is pretty easy, but is yet another must for Trekkers to play. It was the perfect game for the 99 cent price tag. Once you are done with the single player campaign, if you end up wanting to go online, the Elite server was easy enough to hop on.
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The game, in a futuristic kind of way, takes place on a Federation starship that is investigating a grouping of planetoids and several small starships near them. The player/s (as well as the computer-controlled opponents) must move around the ship, firing phasers and torpedoes, boarding opponents‘ ships, searching for secrets, and using strange devices in order to take down the aggressors. As the player/s advance, the levels continue to get harder and the enemies more numerous. As both the player(s) and enemies are controlled by one of several computer-controlled AIs, a player can choose to play the game in different modes, either one-on-one or with a team of two or three. The game can also be played online against other players. If successful, the player(s) will win in a time-based endurance test. The player(s) will then choose a survival ship and continue to play through the levels.

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