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Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 – Airborne [portable]

the resistance: war in the north – north of the arctic circle. a world war echoes across the land. in the distant north, two neighbors but separated by time, space, and a remote frontier, the german and soviet race for the northern lands of the soviet union. when the german wehrmacht attacks on june 22, the soviet 1st ukrainian front retaliates and in the weeks that follow, the germans are pushed back from their northern front. as the soviet forces drive the germans back, they establish a new front line in a series of defensive positions around the north pole in the hopes of halting the german advance. the germans, having seen their enemies‘ weakness, launch a counterattack and advance on the arctic circle, attempting to seize the soviet homeland in the north.
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the battle for the north carries a story all its own that comes to a climax in the summer of 1941. the german wehrmacht launches a massive offensive and is stopped by the soviet defences. the german forces are pushed back and in the following weeks, the germans launch a counterattack to seize the soviet homeland.
mtsg was released on the windows platform back in 2003. the game was published by x-planes studio who were also responsible for the game wings of glory. the game had a turn-based strategy game style which was first person. its gameplay offered a world map, a combat system and the ability to upgrade your vehicles. one of the coolest features of the game was that you could fly your own aircraft for a small fee. in 2006, x-planes studio released a pc version of mtsg, this time with missions that were pre-set. the game was released in early 2007. the game supported the xbox and ps2 consoles and was published by x-planes studio and infogrames.
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the game begins in 1940 with the german forces advancing across the european continent. as the war rages on, the germans are pushed back and the soviet union launches their own offensive. you take on the role of the german commander who must guide the mass of troops and equipment through the inhospitable landscapes of the north in order to stop the soviet union’s attempt to invade and destroy the german homeland. as the campaign unfolds, you must battle against nature and the soviet forces to gain the upper hand and defeat the enemy.
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when i first heard about the north, i wasn’t too sure what to expect. in fact, i wasn’t even sure what kind of game it would be. i’d been a fan of the x-planes series for some time and had developed a bit of an interest in the historical campaign battles that the series had been doing in the past. turns out, the north was more of a real-time strategy game. that might sound a bit odd since the series had been a turn-based strategy title up until now, but it was a very interesting hybrid. the game was turn-based in that you could set up your next few movements, but most of your attacks and defenses were done in real-time, which was a bit of a shock when i first played it. it wasn’t a bad thing though; that’s what made the north really interesting. [..] the north is a game that, while it’s not perfect, is a masterpiece in the world of real-time strategy games. its battlefields are breathtaking, its campaign is complex and the gameplay is both strategic and engaging. it’s one of the most thought-provoking and interesting games of 2008.
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i love the north because it’s unlike anything i’ve ever played before.

if you’re looking for a wwi themed first-person-shooter, then brothers in arms: road to hill 30 is one of the best games around. while the game features the largest map in the series, this game doesn’t have a lot of the traditional elements that are typically associated with first-person-shooters. it’s more like a game of strategy with the player taking control of individual squads instead of being a commander in a larger battle. but, this game is great for anyone who likes wwii based first-person-shooters and features some of the most realistic gameplay mechanics and animations of its time.
citation: for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty on 6 june 1944, in france. having landed with the first wave of troops, brig. gen. roosevelt led the assault from the beach for the first two hours. his cool courage and calm leadership inspired the men under his command and enabled them to win the initial assault. he repeatedly led the advance, consolidating and expanding the beachhead. he was repeatedly under heavy enemy fire and was wounded several times. although his wounds were serious he continued to lead his men, directing and personally leading them against the enemy. under his experienced, precise, calm, and unflinching leadership, assault troops reduced beach strong points and rapidly moved inland with minimum casualties. although the enemy had the beach under constant direct fire, brig. roosevelt moved from one locality to another, rallying men around him, directing and personally leading them against the enemy. he thus contributed substantially to the successful establishment of the beachhead in france. his indomitable courage and personal bravery at the risk of his life inspired all ranks and was a magnificent inspiration to the men with whom he served.

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