Phoenix FD V4.00.00 For Maya 2015-2019

phoenix fd v4.00.00 is available for free download here:

phoenix fd is a viewer and renderer that allows maya users to easily view and render 2d and 3d maya files on both windows and mac os x.

if you use this version of phoenix fd, please contribute back to the community and report issues on the phoenix for maya github issues page.

this script is for houdini 12.5x, maya 2014-2019, and may also work for lower versions. the full version of the script is 12.5x; there is also a pre-release version of v4.00.00 which is an early testing build that should be used for testing purposes only. it is not intended to be used in production environments.

this script converts from binary phoenix fd files to hdf5 and/or openfx files. it can be used to save phoenix fd data to hdf5 file, and it can also load the same hdf5 data and import it into phoenix fd.

the script has been tested on maya 2014-2019, houdini 12.5x, and houdini 16.5x. it is not tested on houdini 15. there may be issues with some plugins or features in houdini 15. you are ultimately responsible for running the script as you see fit and it is not reviewed by me. you may make some changes to the script or the data, and you may run the script on your own data, but you should take special care to test that the script runs without issues on your own data before using it on others‘ data. in particular, you should run the script on the same file that you are importing into phoenix fd (e.g. the same vray file), and you should test that the output from the script is what you expect.

the script is written in python. it is included in the above links as a download. you should download the script and install it wherever you want the script to be available. then when you have the script in the same location as your maya files, you can run the script from maya using the python terminal in maya (file > scripts > python), by entering the name of the script into the command line of the python terminal (e.g. python

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