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the film was released in the united states on 3 april 2001 as prince rama: the legend of ramayana. in the us version, rama was voiced by james earl jones and the ending credits showed a banner with his name in hindi with the title ramayana: the legend of ramayana.

the film was released in india on 2 april 2001. the hindi dubbed version of the film was released on 7 april 2001. while the original rama was voiced by moriyasu taniguchi, this version was voiced by arun govil who is popularly known for his role as rama in the 1987 tv series ramayan.

the hindustani version was later dubbed in english and released in the us on dvd on 15 december 2001. the dvd included a special bonus feature where moriyasu taniguchi and arun govil, the original cast of ramayana: the legend of prince rama, came together and told the story of how they came together and how the film came to be.

there was a 2000 tamil film, ramayana: the legend of prince rama, which was released on 18 january 2001. the film starred vijayakanth, mohan, sanghavi, manivannan, and nassar. the film was a critical and commercial failure, with a theatrical run of and was also dubbed in telugu, malayalam, kannada, and tamil. the telugu version was dubbed by film actor chiranjeevi. the film was a remake of ramayana: the legend of prince rama.

ramayan 2 (, ramayana: second act) is a 2016 indian epic film directed by gopi sunder and produced by asmita pahwa and ramesh bhat, with music by ilaiyaraaja. the film stars manoj bajpayee, tara sutaria, and manoj k. jayan. it is a sequel to the 1992 film ramayana: the legend of prince rama.

bryan cranston is an american actor and producer. he is best known for his leading roles in the television drama television series breaking bad (2008–2013), which earned him the primetime emmy award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series and golden globe award for best actor – television series drama. he is also known for starring in the films vice (2013), godzilla (2014), the infiltrator (2016), the descendants (2011), trumbo (2007), thirteen conversations about one thing (2003), thirteen conversations about one thing (2003), the sum of all fears (2002), munich (2005) and 21 (2009). cranston has also produced several films such as the descendants (2011), the ides of march (2011), trumbo (2007), cosmopolis (2012) and the infiltrator (2016).
the movie was produced by the toei company and distributed in japan by toei. though the film was called a ramayana, the epic itself is the sarga (book) 10, aparajita hymn, of the brahmavaivarta purana. the indian version, with sanskrit songs, was released by toei video’s toei video’s branch tokyo toei video in september 1992, and it has been dubbed into many other languages. the movie was released on vhs and laserdisc in japan. (in november 1992) the film was released as ramayana: the legend of prince rama, the same year it was released as warrior prince. the vhs has been discontinued. in 1996, a pc-98 version, with four bonus games, was released. in 2001, the legend of prince rama was released on dvd and again in 2005, it was re-released as the legend of prince rama and warrior prince. toei later released the dvd in the us in 2008 as ramayana: the legend of prince rama and warrior prince.

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