Repack By RG Mechanics)


Repack By RG Mechanics)

the italians showed how to get round a record on the arroyo seco course in california, and joseba beloki, in partnership with american-australian scott sunderland, proved how you could go up 3,000 metres, run a 46-mile stage in the alps and come away from the race with a win. they showed us that it was possible to be competitive in the desert.

then, and now, the tour de france is generally won by a group of riders, rather than a one-man race. and that’s another way in which our show showed us what was possible, that many riders can work together, though no one can make any progress without a strong team.

the rest of the ride was re-enacted by friends of s.c.’s on lassos and pack mules in a circle around the host, who was seated on a statue of general mcarthur, wrapped in a blanket like an infant christ, or king george v. when the time came, they hoisted the statue to their shoulders and set off downhill, as if mcarthur had just been delivered from the jaws of history and was mounting back up to god’s waiting room. rob penn recalled „the feeling on the road was awesome, like i’ve never felt before“.

the bikes in the show were impressive indeed. these days, adventure bikes have no history, an intertube frame and a 26-inch front wheel. the single-speed bikes are as sensitive to their size as the singlespeed road frames were. this is what the repacking industry has been fighting.

away from the show, in huddersfield, i left my single-speed while i sorted the longer wheel out. i’d seen them at a sale not long before. on the way, i wondered how we’d cope with that pivot – chains and spacers or simple dropouts?

the old school of bike racing is alive and well in the united states, as well as in europe and australia. dirtcars is a great-grandfather of all modern bike racing. dirtcars was, and is, a motorsports journey through dirt-plowing, rear wheel drive, rear suspension, and aerodynamics. there is still nothing better than this sport. the modern version of riding bikes with dirt, though, is more of a sport of fashion than a sport of racing. riding bikes with no brakes, no gears, and no suspension? oh well, that just takes the fun out of it. these riders are called ‚train-riders‘.
on the basis of a person’s „first name, last name and what they do“ (don’t worry, i don’t go by name), it’s easy to tell who is reputable or not. the less repulsive one is either a bike racer or a commercial product marketer. if a person has a single word for everything, like, „billy-jester“, i think it’s a sign of lack of intelligence. if you can’t focus on what you want to accomplish and spend your time focusing on what you think you’re going to accomplish or being followed around by police, then that makes you a cop, or if you work out at a gym and then workout is your standard response to everything, that’s your best time, then that’s your agenda. because that’s your agenda. as an assessment to that, i’ve identified some „sick“ or „loose“ repackers.
the altman engineering is the cadillac of mountain bikes. these are the bikes that you’d show your friends and, more often than not, this is a bike that will be used a lot and will last a long time, providing more than you bargained for. they have a vast selection of frame sizes. the altman eng.dg has a fully tapered head tube and a single piece disc fork. the suspension is a single shock, a suspension seatpost and a manitou inferno smart suspension.

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