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the makarov culture is best known as the first of three major cultures to arise in the pontic–caspian steppe in the early bronze age in the territory now occupied by the modern republics of ukraine, russia and belarus. the makarov culture was a variant of the cucuteni–trypillia (later włodzimierz) culture and reached a peak of its artistic and technological development around 2600 bc[ 23 ] at the time when it is described as a „city state.“[ 24 ] the name „makarov culture“ first became known from excavations at the site of makariv in the ukraine in 1968. the name derives from the first excavator, the moldavian archaeologist and historian gennady makar. a population of about 75,000 was estimated at the time.[ 25 ] the culture has its western limits in the state of kyiv. the southern limits lie in moldova. the northward extent of the culture is unclear. important members of the makarov culture and their cities are tăul moșilor, ghidighici, frumoasa, gațcu, andrași, sebeș, stanciu de câmpie, targoviste, dorohoi, lăutari, uricani, nisipăra, câmpulung, săceni, râșca, vințu de jos, babadag, gura apahida, peri, zaiceni, skardu, bakhchysarai, kunlun, and tobolsk. garmsar in chinese turkestan is sometimes considered to be part of the makarov culture, but some doubt this inclusion was justified.[ 26 ]

the worldwide pattern of sharp reductions in atmospheric co2 demonstrates that the climatological conditions that prevailed during the petm were not benign. in particular, there was a global rise in ocean surface temperature, the arctic was substantially colder than today and parts of the tropics were much cooler than today. an estimate for the global ocean surface temperature at the petm of about 4-8°c higher than present suggests that there was little or no ice caps on the greenland and antarctic ice sheets[ 27 ]. the global average carbon dioxide concentration at the petm is estimated to have been as much as 30% higher than today, and some 30 times higher than the pre-industrial level of 280 parts per million (ppm) [ 28 ]. it remains uncertain what role, if any, global warming might play in triggering a greenhouse-gas-driven global climatic event such as the petm. however, there is evidence that warm seas are contributing to increased deglaciation of the alpine icecaps of greenland and other parts of the northern hemisphere, and this is leading to increasingly rapid deglaciation. if the recent record of greenland ice-mass loss is taken as a guide, this could trigger a much more rapid decline of the greenland and antarctic ice sheets than might have occurred prior to the petm. the gradual deglaciation of the mountain icecaps over the last two millennia has been substantial, and perhaps the most recent deglaciation to date has now entered a cycle where deglaciation proceeds more rapidly than it did just prior to the petm. the problem is that the petm period of over 14 million years ago was the warmest interval in the past two million years.

as far as the migrant crisis is concerned, one should not trust whatever is in the media. many reports are just unbelievable lies which can be backed by no evidence. especially when it comes to migration numbers, one should trust the countries, which grant such figures, the least. any mass movement of people has to be welcomed, because they are trying to improve their situation. as long as the crisis is driven by the wars between the great powers, there will be no peace. the massive migration from africa will continue, but the war-ridden countries have to solve their own problems first.
new research on the chemical composition of the atmosphere found that the 50 parts per million of carbon dioxide we have in the atmosphere today would have raised the temperature of the planet to at least 11 degrees above average. even if the extent of the feedbacks can be considered to be fairly small, the feedbacks occur at a much faster pace than the external forcing. scientists have calculated that the temperature had risen by around 70 degrees fahrenheit over a few decades.
this content will not run properly if the system is not supported. „mountain peaks such as kilimanjaro and elbrus are being destroyed, as people cut, burn and dig up alpine forests to build houses and roads, said stefan schwager, a spokesman for the organisation.“ the fire which prompted the evacuation of the mountain village of katla has since been extinguished, but the danger still remains.
the government of india claims it needs to shut its borders to stop unauthorised migrants from arriving in the country, but the photo recovery software has uncovered a hidden secret that clearly shows their enforcement is not working at all. immigration enforcement was responsible for nearly 43 percent of all the migrants entering india and its main aim is to arrest migrants who have come here illegally.

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