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dear admin
here is what i have tried so far
1. open the folder window by pressing the windows start button.
2. go to the c: program files folder, then open autocad folder.
3. go to the autocad folder.
4. right click the autocad folder then click properties.
5. go to the general tab, then look for the volume serial number under the system serial number box. for example, mine was ffffffffff.
6. paste the volume serial number into the activation code field.
7. click on ok and close everything.
8. on the start menu, open the c: program files folder and double click on the activation.bat file.
9. click ok and close everything.
10. run the xforce. it then is downloading some files. it will then create the activation code. when this is complete, your activation code is pasted into the activation code box.
i then tried to use the activation code to activate the software. it showed that the activation code was wrong. please help this is driving me crazy.
thank you in advance

p.s i have checked the autocad.log file, it shows the following error:
can not load file autocad.ini:
the system can not find the file. autocad is currently not installed on my computer.
thank you

i had a problem with xforce keygen on my computer. i used to run it as administrator. it took my password instantly and i could not run my programs for a day. i had to back up my entire backup and reset the security settings and everything again.

i just installed xforce keygen on my laptop and my desktop. the keygen itself takes 10-15mins to load on all three computers. it never finished loading on my laptop and it never had an opportunity to finish loading on either of my two desktop boxes.
is there a way to slow the xforce keygen so that it will load for a longer period of time? can i increase the amount of ram the xforce keygen uses? please help.


when autocad converts the drawing, the file is sent through the first five quality levels and if there is something it does not know, it waits ten minutes for more information; if everything is fine, it will be ready in three minutes .
however, if we do not have the windows for autocad, restarts and finishes within seconds if the rendering is correct. when we started using autocad in the good old days (before we paid, in the 8th generation), the rendering of the picture was done manually. it took a long time, the same number of hours or days, depending on the complexity of the rendering. with this new time-based rendering, the rendering time is totally different. we have an intuitive control of the time of rendering, and the rendering is very fast.
i want to say thank you to you, i have a keygens and i wanted to try and get the activator but it seems to be very hard to find one, but i eventually found it. you are very kind and you made it very easy for me to get my activator. once again thank you very much and i hope to see you again and i wish you all the best. thank you again, alvaro.
i need to activate autocad 2014. i got it from a friend. i have been trying for more than a week to activate the software, but i could not find the activator code. please send it to my email. i really need it to use the software.
in this video we are going to see how we can control the project from the beginning to the end with autocad 2016. this version of autocad is not like previous ones. in this version, we will be able to control the project from the beginning to the end. we can determine the number of segments, we can determine the resolution and many other things. this is one of the things we will see in this video.

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