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once you have created a binaural beat that you think will induce a theta brainwave state, open the “audio editor” window. choose “file” > “new file” and save the binaural beat as a wav file. make sure the file name is the same as the one you want to use. save the file to your hard drive, and then add it to your itunes library.
another thing to remember is that we cannot guarantee that you will find the exact same binaural beats as you see in the screenshots. the reason is because the human brain is a complex thing and its impossible to replicate the exact frequencies of the brainwaves. all we can do is to show you how to set up brainwave generator in order to create the beats you want.
i recommend the binaural beats preset type. this will include a binaural beat generator, with a wide range of binaural beats. they can be modulated by a control knob. these binaural beats are specifically designed to be used with vilds and milds. the binaural beats preset will include a 12hz binaural beat, and a 20hz binaural beat. if you are not familiar with binaural beats, i recommend that you read my blog post about it, which explains exactly how it works.
in my opinion, the best way to use a bwgen preset is to use a vild or mild to induce the brainwaves required. the bwgen preset will automatically turn on when you enter vild or mild mode, so you can start your mild or vild right away.
brainwave generator 3.1 is a totally clean and safe download without any form of malware. brainwave generator 3.1 is not affiliated with any software developers or third parties. you can freely download brainwave generator 3.1 and use it as you wish.

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