Camphor Pro Font Family

this font software, both in the source code form and the object code form, as originally released, is copyrighted (c) 1999 by david b. gold. all rights reserved. fonts created with the font software may be made available to other developers for use in creating derivative works provided such works are not released under this font software license and are distributed only in the output of the font software.

you may reproduce and distribute a copy of the font software in a standard paper size, including a postscript file, and in standard font formats. you may distribute modified copies of the font software. modified copies include, but are not limited to, the following changes to the font software: (i) changes that do not alter the functionality of the font software in any way, or (ii) changes made solely to correct typographical errors or to standardize imperfections in the design of the font software. you may not sell or distribute copies of modified versions of the font software. to the extent possible under law, you are granted all other rights granted herein for the font software, without restriction, including without limitation the right to sublicense the font software. you agree to pay a standard user license fee for each copy of the font software that you may distribute. you may not alter the name(s) of the font software.

you may not exercise any of the rights granted to you in this agreement unless you have complied with all the terms and conditions of this agreement. if you do not comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, your right to use the font software will terminate.

17. you may not use, display, sell, license, distribute, or otherwise transfer the font software or any copies thereof to any other person, corporation, business, or entity. mti reserves the right to terminate your license for the font software if you violate any of these restrictions. the limitations and restrictions above apply to all versions of the font software.
18. mti warrants to you that the font software will perform substantially in accordance with its documentation for the ninety (90) day period following delivery of the font software. to make a warranty claim, you must, within the ninety (90) day warranty period, return the font software to the location from which you obtained it along with a copy of your receipt or, if such font software is acquired on-line, contact the on-line provider with sufficient information regarding your acquisition of the font software so as to enable mti to verify the existence and date of the transaction. if the font software does not perform substantially in accordance with its documentation, the entire, exclusive, and cumulative liability and remedy shall be limited to the refund of the license fee you paid to mti to obtain delivery of the font software. mti does not warrant the performance or results you may obtain by using the font software. the foregoing states the sole and exclusive remedies for mti’s breach of warranty. except for the foregoing limited warranty, mti makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to non-infringement of third party rights, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. in no event will mti be liable to you or anyone else (i) for any consequential, incidental or special damages, including without limitation any lost profits, lost data, lost business opportunities, or lost savings, even if mti has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or (ii) for any claim against you by any third party seeking such damages even if mti has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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