Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 CODEX [REPACK]


Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 CODEX

probably not really, but that would be nice. five nights at freddy’s 4 is the last game in the series to bring the arcade cabinet aesthetic and overall design concepts from the main series, with the first game being less of a survival horror experience, and more of a run-and-jump-your-way-through-the-game minigame. the games that followed had a largely stand-alone retail design, with a very few mechanics carried over from the last game. the box art certainly makes it seem like the games that came afterwards were „bigger“ in general, even if the content and size of the games didn’t expand – they certainly still felt smaller, more distant from that single arcade cabinet.

a lot of people seemed to enjoy the jump scares in the 3rd game. it would be interesting to see if they felt the same way about the 4th game, which, i’d argue, is not as jumpy as the first three games were, but is certainly very frightening and much more difficult. many people also seemed to be taken aback by the lack of narrative in the series‘ new spinoff series, going by comments like that in the original post from level25 : „yeah.. *rolls eyes* it was not what i had expected from the whole fnaf release, but the. .leaves left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but i got over it.“ as someone who’s seen the first three games multiple times and has been playing through the series with friends when we can, i actually felt quite conflicted about the spin-off/sequel series. a lot of it was just natural – people like to complain about sequel fatigue, and there’s a lot of neat ideas in five nights at freddy’s 2 that are genuinely missed and should have been found their own way in the series, and a lot of people seemed to love five nights at freddy’s: sister location for how it diverged from the formula so much.

heres another of those little touches that the mobile port got right. normally you lock the doors, but if youre feeling in a little bit of a hurry, you can skip that step with a quick tap of the first key.
time is ticking on now, but when time is up you will be playing the next morning, and the first night will start. you will have to defend yourself against chica, foxy, and the things in the last room, along with the great freddy. when foxy comes out, look for the red flashlight. he will glow to show where he is, and will then move to the left of the door, then the right, and then left again. now theres two of them, the one on the left is foxy, the one on the right is foxy jr. stay on the left side of the door, and keep a close eye on the door, and it should be fairly straightforward. better yet, go to the bathroom and keep everyone locked in there.
now its over to the childrens room, where nothing surprises you much, but where you have to investigate the figure in the bottom right. when the figure begins to move the lights go out, and when the lights come back on the figure is gone. come back with your flashlight on and hit the light switch. when you do, the figure will be standing above you. turn it’s head towards the light, and it will glow yellow. chica will come into the room with the other kids, and they will try to lock the door. do as you did with foxy, keep the light on the room, and keep an eye on the door. its more fun this way, as you can keep playing different scenarios.
now lets go to the final part of this chapter, where the reveal of the nursery. first off, you will be in the grand hall with chica, you can do what you did before, but otherwise you shouldnt have much to worry about. now foxy will appear and go to the wall to the right of the door, tapping on it with his claws.

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