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class one got to learn all the details, not necessarily from a defect in anatomy, but from the glory of the defect itself. the glory of a rheumatic murmur, for example, or the conviction that one can know what one does not know. what i meant was that the best available teachers did not teach. what they did was to give us the key-concept of interest, and a certain experience of the common human pulse. the essential thing about being a doctor, they taught us, is to feel that pulse and ask these questions about it. as far as i know, they had no textbook of their own, no lecture notes, no dissection in the course of their teaching. they had only the true sense of the pulse. they used to say: do you know the rhythm of your pulse?“

i, for one, was lucky to have had them as my teachers. the joy they gave me has not yet gone. i am sure that the kind of teaching i had, even with dr. yale’s medical school, is still available. as to the traditional teaching (or learning) of auscultation, however, it is probably quite gone. i cannot think of any medical school today which maintains a teaching hospital. still, i see some, one must conclude, who have small hospitals with only a few beds, usually manned by only a few doctors, and having a resident staff. a boy friend of mine, a doctor of english, spent part of his summer vacation in just such a place. there he tried for all he was worth to auscultate and see. he could not.

the moment he entered the hospital there was an air of eagerness, not of teaching. he was made to feel he had come to steal a secret. during the time he could spare he did not listen to his own pulse. he listened to the pulse of the others around him, even before he looked at the record. he was told to auscultate first on the wrist, then on the stomach, then on the chest. at the end of the day the residents were called in, and he was made to auscultate them. he was advised to look at each man in his group. when the residents had been auscultated, they were summoned one after another, and he was sent to auscultate them. he could ask questions, but not long ones. in the time he could spare, nothing was stressed, not one of the students‘ positions, not one of their habits, not one of the ten or a dozen human principles the others had presented to him. he went away, realizing that all the time he was there he had been learning, not about the student but about himself.

a coretta scott king award-winning author, scholar, and civil rights activist, we are truly honored to have malidoma somé as the keynote speaker at the odyssey awards gala, being held on april 8th at the hilton hawaiian village, .
the odyssey awards gala by the organization for afro american culture will be held on april 8, 2007 at the hilton hawaiian village. ( ) this event is supported by the achiever of the century awards, president’s award for excellence and profound achievement award. it is an excellent opportunity for african americans to fulfill both their personal and professional goals in one exciting evening. the odyssey awards were created in 1990 to honor and celebrate the achievements of african americans in the areas of entertainment, sports, education, business, civic and social services. the 2006/2007 program honors the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. and the leading visionaries of the historic civil rights movement. dr. king once said “the status of the negro is the single most important issue of our time.” over the years our organization has continued to be a leader in the movement for our community and the nation, supporting leaders, organizations and projects committed to alleviating the problems facing african americans.
klf (kareem abdul-jabbar) and kareem muhammad, aka block mclaughlin frazier, sr., (alexander payne, nebraska), born kareem islam hassan al aqeel, is a muslim american professional basketball player and the all-time leading scorer in nba history. although he earned acclaim for his defense, he is best remembered for his scoring and rebounding. the spelling of his first name has varied over time, as a result of the point he made at the time of his first name change in 1963, that every aspect of his life as kareem has been co-opted by the west and was never a part of american society in any way. popularly known as „block,“ he is a two-time nba all-star and the nba’s all-time leading scorer. in the 2002-2003 season with the los angeles lakers, he set the nba record for the highest career scoring average, with a.580 value. he holds the record for the most seasons with 30 or more points, and he also holds the record for the longest streak of consecutive games with a point scored..

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