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Geo 5 Full Version.18

the full version of the game saw many post-release add-ons, starting with weapons, some in-game items were added, the ability to include a music track, saved games, and the ability to play multiplayer games online. the multiplayer feature was released on august 6, 2011. this version also saw the addition of more buildings and indoor decorations, a new music track, improved enemy ai, level design improvements, and the addition of more new weapons and melee weapons. there also were many minor bug fixes. finally, the game was released for the macintosh platform on may 27, 2012, with the windows and ios versions following shortly thereafter.

notch, the sole developer of the game, announced in 2012 that he is working with mojang to publish the game on other platforms, in a similar way as minecraft. on april 14, 2013, notch announced that the game would be released for linux and os x on june 13, 2013, and for windows on june 20, 2013. on may 23, 2013, notch announced that he would be working with kalypso media to port the game to wii u.

the windows version was released on june 20, 2013, and on june 27, 2013, notch announced that the ios version would be released on september 11, 2013. on july 6, 2013, notch announced the release date for the mac version, saying it would be out on october 11, 2013. on july 13, 2013, notch announced that the linux version would be released on november 1, 2013. on july 31, 2013, notch announced the release date for the os x version, saying it would be out on october 10, 2013. on august 5, 2013, notch announced that the wii u version would be released on november 28, 2013. on august 10, 2013, notch announced that the xbox version would be released on september 3, 2013. finally, on september 3, 2013, notch announced that the playstation version would be released on december 17, 2013.

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