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Grandtec Grand Ip Camera Pro Driver

the grandstream gxp 8900 series ip phones are designed for the small-to-medium business market. with a powerful and feature rich design, these ip phones set the standard for business class ip phones. featuring a 2.4 ghz gsm/cdma dual-mode gprs/edge & gsm/gprs/gsm/gprs/gsm/gprs/gprs/gprs/edge for voice and data communications, the gxp 8900 ip phones offer exceptional voice quality, security and reliability. the gxp 8900 series ip phones are ideal for any small business with up to 120 users. a heavy-duty charger and storage case is included in the box.

grandtec is pleased to introduce the worlds first usb to hdmi converter. the grand hd cinema brings convenience by allowing customers to play media files stored on your pc on your large screen by converting the signal to hdmi. simply connect the usb interface of pc to the converter using the included usb cable, and connect it to your home theatre system with a hdmi cable, then you can enjoy the high quality pictures (720p) and sound on your big screen.

the new grandstream ts 8150 series of ip phones are the most efficient ip phones in the market. they are the perfect choice for the smb and the soho market. with the new and easy to use interface, the grandstream ts 8150 series offers the best ip phone experience. designed for flexibility and ease of use, the ts 8150 series ip phones have a number of unique features to help businesses manage their communications needs. these new ip phones are ideal for any small business with up to 120 users. a heavy-duty charger and storage case is included in the box.

you can open up the camera and wire in a max chip and then you have serial access to the bootloader so even if you have screwed up the firmware on the camera entirely you can put another firmware on the camera. i now have a model 2 grandtec ip camera and have corrupted the firmware. everything works great now.uploader:date added:18 june 2012file size:26.14 mboperating systems:windows nt/2000/xp/2003/2003/7/8/10 macos 10/ regsitration requiredi am now really confused maybe the naming differs from country to countrythen just disconnect the power from the cam, switch it to wireless and power it on. j need a firmware 1.
the ispy software runs on windows, mac os, and linux (and a few other systems) platforms. the windows version of ispy runs on a windows service, and the mac and linux versions of ispy run on a gui. ispy uses the java 2 platform, standard edition api for android and windows and the j2ee server api for the mac and linux versions. ispy uses a windows service on the mac and linux versions. ispy is designed to work with multiple cameras simultaneously (in theory, up to 1000 cameras), and with multiple servers (up to 3 servers).
the ispy gui runs in a window and allows you to view up to 20 cameras at a time. there is a lot more functionality (such as the ability to view live video) in the windows service version of ispy. the ispy gui is usually the default version of ispy unless you changed the installation preference to use the windows service.
i found lots of firmware versions. choose one of them in the menu. but, i found no driver. i have done some research and found that it is impossible to install any driver for that camera. so, i would really appreciate if someone could suggest me a driver. i am looking forward to work with this product.

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