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qualys community edition scans installed web applications for vulnerabilities and other misconfigurations that can lead to data leaks and security compromises. it also has a powerful engine for scanning applications, which is continuously updated with thousands of new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

google chrome is a high performance, secure browser for the web. only google can create a fast, strong browser. due to the nature of the product, it is constantly changing and evolving. its features and functionality change rapidly as and when google deems it necessary. qualys community edition offers you real-time security updates for its core components with ability to add new components using a simple plugin system. its community ecosystem is always growing, allowing for new features and functionality at the request of our users.

qualys community edition is supported by a vibrant community of professionals, and weve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. its intuitive nature makes it easy to integrate with virtually any environment and enables rapid deployment and reporting.

qualys community edition is the worlds leading smart vulnerability scanner, helping organizations increase their security posture, and increase the efficiency of their it operations. as businesses increasingly operate 24/7, they rely on it infrastructure to enable their businesses needs. qualys community edition allows the operations team to be more efficient and effective, while ensuring that the infrastructure is secure.

qualys community edition gathers vulnerability data from the network as well as from software running on the server and running on endpoints, including virtual machines, operating systems, containers, sd-duo and iot. using this vulnerability data, qualys community edition offers you unparalleled visibility into every device on your network. qualys is committed to providing the intelligence and tools that organizations need to keep their networks, and their people, secure.

qualys community edition offers a vulnerability management framework, so that dangerous bugs can be identified and remediated. qualys can identify vulnerabilities on all internal it infrastructure as well as external-facing assets to ensure a secure state.
qualys community edition automates the scanning and remediation of it infrastructure and web applications. qualys can scan for vulnerabilities on your internal it infrastructure as well as web apps, and can patch identified vulnerabilities. qualys is a certified women in tech organization member, and we are a certified partner of google, citrix, microsoft, red hat, and vmware. qualys is also a certified iso 27001 information security auditor, gold partner of cert/cc, and a member of the department of homeland securitys cybersecurity practitioner panel.
the qualys community edition provides vulnerability management, so that these dangerous bugs can be identified and remediated. qualys can assess vulnerabilities on all internal it infrastructure as well as external-facing assets to ensure a secure state.
qualys can even identify misconfigurations that can be exploited by hackers to get access to your web apps. the qualys community edition helps you to identify and repair the configuration problems so that hackers do not have a doorway to your servers.
qualys community edition is a tool for rapid vulnerability assessment and proactive vulnerability management. the qualys community edition is a web service, which means that it can be accessed from any browser, anywhere on any device. a cloud based approach makes it easy and fast to deploy across your entire it infrastructure, and provides a unified view of all assets, web apps, and vulnerabilities.

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