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Micrografx Designer 9.0

• coreldraw professional: coreldraw professional has been redesigned to meet the needs of photographers, artists, graphic designers, and web designers. coreldraw professional is a robust drawing software designed for graphic artists, photographers, and illustrators. coreldraw professional lets you create striking visuals by combining shapes, images, text, and filters.

during its 15-year run, igrafx has created thousands of clients content-rich, user-friendly graphics systems. made especially for macintosh, its products include the igrafx advanced graphics design suite, picture publisher, homesite pro and multitrak desktop publishing.

the granite software company was formed in 1994 in order to provide igrafx with a source of revenue in addition to software distribution. the company will continue to offer a complete line of macintosh software for design and publishing. granite will manage the igrafx brands and continue with the new wave of innovative software. as a division of granite software, igrafx will now offer new products for non-macintosh platforms.

corel provides one of the most comprehensive sets of design, publishing, and communication software products for macintosh users to date. impress is the premiere desktop publishing software for macintosh, for users who want powerful features without paying hundreds of dollars for adobe premier or quarkxpress. corel draw and coreldraw technical suite are increasingly popular for technical illustration. the picture publisher and plato on-line publishing software provides both technical and creative users with an easy-to-use, user-friendly way to publish and distribute their own information.corel graphwriter is the first powerful graph-based flowcharting and diagramming software for macintosh. its unique features make it the ideal tool for designers, engineers, and business professionals who work in a high-stakes visual environment. plus, it offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to design and publish high-quality presentation and web content.

new workspaces allow you to work with multiple windows at once. this can be a boon for designers who work with multiple layers at once, or for those who simply want to work on multiple projects at once. in fact, you can now have three workspaces at once. if you have multiple documents open at once, this workspaces panel will show you thumbnails of each document, with the icon for each workspace in the panel. you can switch between workspaces by clicking on the workspace panel and clicking on the workspace you want to open.
the old micrografx designer was simple and intuitive to use, so many users found themselves using the old tool. we have tried to preserve a few familiar features, such as the keyboard shortcuts. draw has always been designed to be simple to use and its interface was well suited to the needs of a technical user. weve also tried to make the micrografx designer similar to the old tool in terms of features. you still have the ability to group styles by type, add effects to shapes, and use the pen tool, for example.
micrografx has always been a bit of an enigma. not a lot of people have used it, and those who have have often been confused by the interface. the new interface is much more intuitive than the old one, and makes it much easier for people to use the tool. it provides more features, is more powerful, and is much easier to use.
within the interface, you can still add effects to shapes, use the pen tool, and perform other tasks. the tools have also been grouped into toolbars at the bottom of the workspace. a new option in the options dialog, called context-sensitive help, allows you to get step-by-step instructions for more complicated tasks. you can also view the micrografx online help in a browser window.

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