Photo Exif Editor Pro € Metadata Editor V2.1.0 (Unlocked) HOT!



Photo Exif Editor Pro € Metadata Editor V2.1.0 (Unlocked)

The new model of Photo Editor brings many new features and functions with it. For instance, you can easily crop the picture by the rectangular or free-form selection tool. In addition, you can make a video automatically in a specific time. Moreover, you can easily set the rotation of the video. Indeed, the new Photo Editor for Mac offers you great time-saving function to edit image and video without any hassles.

The new Photo Editor for Mac meets its second version, including the new features and functions. For instance, it comes with basic text editing features such as typing, sizing, changing color, and more. Similarly, it comes with some basic image editing features such as adjustment, rotation, and so on. In addition, you can also easily use the new features of other image editing applications on your computer to edit and transform your image.

PowerPhotos is a powerful photo editor that enables you to edit and correct both the RAW and JPG photos without any limitations. If you need a professional photo editor that supports Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Olympus Hoya, Sigma and other popular brands, then you will love this app. For all those in the creative field who want to have the most professional photo editing experience, PowerPhotos is the tool that they should have if they want to remove the noise or reduce the noise of a photo, blur an object, add or remove the natural colors, resize a photo, and much more.

Developed by PixLab, PixLab Photo Editor is a useful application for anyone who is looking for a photo editor that can provide a lot of photo editing functions, including trim, crop, rotate, lens correction, auto white balancing, ISO adjustment, and so on. What makes PixLab Photo Editor stand out from other photo editing tools is its flexibility and ability to simultaneously run both JPG and RAW photos. It is a great solution for users who are either looking for powerful photo editing features or are familiar with the basic operations in RAW and JPG photos.

Exposure is another important parameter that affects how much light is recorded when a photo is shot. Different light conditions produce different exposure results. You can use exposures for various effects, like when you set your photo to a blue toned darkroom look. With ACDSee Metadata Editor, you can apply image corrections to your photos. It can help you recover poor exposures by processing the raw photos. You can also click on the image to see the histogram. You can use it to balance the white and black sections in your image.
When you shoot photos, sometimes you do not pay attention to the orientation of your camera. You may take some photos with their orientation reversed vertically or horizontally. But this does not mean you have lost all your precious photos. With the help of ACDSee Metadata Editor, you can correct the orientation of your images. You can also restore corrupted EXIF data if you have found that it is missing.
Last, but not the least, we have added several new image editing features to Photo Editor. You can use smart objects. You can also increase or decrease the sharpness of an image. In addition, you can use the repair tool or clone tool. The clone tool is especially useful when you notice a small detail.
On the right side of the editing interface of ACDSee Pro Metadata Editor, you can see the detailed information of the selected image. For JPEG files, you can see its original EXIF information and IPTC data. For PNG files, you can see its metadata, IHE, and EXIF information. Among other things, you can see the color space, date time, make and model of the camera, copyright information, and other tags. You can also view the HDR image information of the RAW image.

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