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Yashiro looks through the drone’s camera and sees a woman lying in an alley. He sees an old man getting into a van. He is then caught in the raid of the van where he sees the dead woman they had viewed earlier. He is later taken to the police station with the Saiko brothers. [11] Yashiro is taken in and is shown a surveillance camera from the crime scene which the Scepter 4 members had stolen from there. There was a POV shot from the Scepter 4 members of the funeral and Yashiro was included too. One of the guys explains to Yashiro that their plan is to kidnap the King. They later bribe the police chief with money from the musician’s manager. The police chief then had them bring in the suspects, the two men in the cell. Yashiro is told of the two men’s names by the police chief. The Usagi and Neko go to the prisons for interviews. A guard asks them for their guns, and he says that he’s not playing a joke with them. [7] Yashiro and the Saiko brothers head to the detention room and as they enter, Kuroh pops out of nowhere and begins to play his guitar. The door to the detention room opens and in walks Yashiro and the Usagi who proceeds to start to sing the opening and closing themes to Chu-2. Yashiro tries to leave through a door but is caught by a man in a red suit. The man behind him is revealed to be Rokuro, who takes back his gun and walks away.

Yashiro and Neko are then seen standing near a „Welcome“ board at the highway, waiting for the bus to take them to the motel. They find that their bus has not yet arrived, so they hop on another bus which is also to take them to the motel. [8]

Yashiro then proceeds to hunt down Shingo Hayami, who is his friend. He finds him at a club, where he stumbles upon the Silver Clan, and witnesses them fighting. Yashiro manages to escape, but is chased by Tatsuo and Ryoji. He runs into some of the Silver Clan’s members. In the end, the Silver Clan members manage to corner him with gun in hand. Before he is killed, Yashiro reveals the truth about his past, and the Silver Clan’s true intentions. While they are still chasing him, Yashiro flees, and they come to a stop. The sound of gunshots can be heard in the distance, and it seems as if they had been successful. Yashiro is relieved, only to be attacked by Tatsuo and Ryoji once more. Once they are done beating up Yashiro, they leave him to finish dead. [10]
Shiro was the first Japanese musician to gain ‚The Four International KOHNO‘ (Four IKOHNO) certification by the Japanese KOHNO Association. The four instruments were all imported Japanese copies of the Hondo KOHNO, all with Shiros name engraved on them.
Shiro explained that in the early days he would often play with ‚professional musicians‘ and that in this sense he began to follow some sort of musical’school of hard knocks‘ pattern. Playing with these musicians was always a tiring experience as they would invariably play the same riff repeatedly, something he wasn’t familiar with and which therefore confused him, and ended up making him lose focus and get lost in his playing. He noted that his feeling of inspiration was always very weak and thus he needed to constantly be moving around and changing places.
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