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Windows 8 Pro With Media Center Activation Key Free

in windows 8, change the product key in the system control panel to the key that you are using to activate media center. after that, you need to use control panel to add the media center pack key to the new installation of windows 8.

again, it is important to make sure that you have a kms-activated copy of windows 8. i have had both success and failure with this method, and this is how i activated my copy of windows 8 with a free key.

if you are wondering, here is the free media center pack key that you can use to activate media center in windows 8. you need to apply the key to a clean installation of windows 8, not to an already activated copy.

note that you can activate windows 8 with a free key for a second time to get the media center pack for free. microsoft only prevents you from doing this if you are already a pro user of windows 8, which i’m sure that you are not.

to activate media center on a second time, you will need to use the same method and install your free media center pack key to a new installation of windows 8. however, you will have to do it in the same way that you originally activated windows 8 with the media center pack key. the method is the same, just put the key in the same spot.

also, i am not sure if this feature is meant to be free forever or forever, so if you are able to activate media center, then you are likely to be able to use it until windows 8 is no longer supported.

some of you may be wondering, but why would microsoft offer media center as a free feature? microsoft had originally planned to just strip media center from windows 8 pro and then, in the face of consumer backlash, decided to offer it as a free upgrade until january 31 2013.

if you have a legitimately purchased copy of windows 8, you can activate with a product key like any other. the standard rules apply: you must be running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows. you must have internet access. you must be connected to a valid network. you must be a legal user of the product you are activating.
if you are looking for a pure wmc-less experience, you may be better off waiting until the next major windows update. if you are not, you can get an early taste of media center by downloading the iso for the updated build of windows 8. its not perfect, but its the best option available for now.
no offense to the people who have worked hard to provide this free upgrade, but it really isnt an upgrade. its a windows 8 product key. you can give it away, you can offer it for free, but you cannot sell it. when the update is released, your key will be of no use. thats microsofts problem, not yours. keep in mind you cannot use the same product key for windows 8 pro and windows 8 rt.
windows 8 rt media center is a free upgrade from windows 8 rt. it is not a separate product, so if you want media center for free, you need to upgrade to windows 8 pro. its free, but the upgrade process is not. fortunately, you can get a free copy of windows 8 pro from the microsoft store. if you just want the key for media center, skip the upgrade and go straight to the store.
to activate with a product key, you need to download the windows 8 tool. this will download a new iso file which will extract a new product key. you then need to reboot your computer and follow the onscreen instructions to activate. you can activate windows 8 pro with media center in less than a minute. its not the ideal experience, but you can get the key and try it out before you activate with a retail copy.

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