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steam downloads files from the internet to your hard drive. sometimes, steam encounters a download error. if youre using the network download, this will happen while steam is downloading the files, so youll need to restart your download. otherwise, aces.vromfs.bin is a small file that contains the information needed to load the game. if it doesn’t load, aces.bin might not be the problem. the next step is to try and locate another copy of the aces.bin file.

the best place to find a new copy of the aces.vromfs.bin file is the game folder itself. if youre missing the aces.bin file, your game will not be able to properly run. if you have a backup of the aces.bin file, you can try restoring it to your steam folder. if you dont have a backup, you can use the „replace“ feature of steam to download a new copy of aces.bin. the steam windows will open asking you to browse to the location of the file. locate the aces.bin file, and open the file using notepad.

select „yes“ and steam will reinstall the game and replace the corrupted or missing files. if youre missing the aces.vromfs.bin file, steam will attempt to locate it and download it before it reinstalls the game.

after steam installs the game, the file will be loaded into the directory youre using to play the game. if you lost your aces.vromfs.bin file or are missing it, youll get the message that steam is looking for the file. to locate the file, go to the directory where you installed war thunder. on a windows pc, the default steam installation directory is: c:\program files (x86)\steam. on linux, the default steam installation directory is: ~/.steam/bin. if youre using a mac, the default steam installation directory is: /applications/steam. within that directory, open the war thunder folder.


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