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Free Ebook Haralambos And Holborn Sociology

We are all the more grateful for the meticulous attention to detail which is essential to take sociology to the next level. It is always a great feeling to open a text such as this one to learn something new.

A text such as this is in the best tradition of the excellent sociology texts which were first written in the 19th century, to be followed in the twentieth century by the sociology texts of the 1970s.

Haralambos and Holborn’s eighth edition of Sociology is not simply a primer of sociology. It is a comprehensive guide to sociology. It is an introduction to sociology at its very best – a valuable guide not just to sociology, but to learning sociology in general. This is an introduction to the study of sociology and to the sociologist. It is written by a sociologist and a sociologist of the first rank.

When I first got hold of this book I was amazed at the number of ideas that come across so clearly in the text that I could scarcely believe I had never thought of them myself. It is very rare to have an introduction to sociology that seems to bring the subject to life and make it meaningful in an interesting and accessible way.

The book starts with the Concept of Sociology and then provides a detailed explanation of the theories of society, social structure, social change, social conflict, social mobility, social policy, globalization, workplace and community.

The topics covered in this book would be, for example, interdependence, power, knowledge, work and leisure, family, crime, politics, gender, sexuality, difference and racism. This book is suitable for any course in sociology, even if you have not studied any previous sociology and sociology remains unknown for you. You must read this book as if you are preparing for UPSC or IAS or any entrance examination. The author has a very easy and simple style. All the terms and concepts have been explained in a very lucid manner and used in very straightforward manner.


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