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by living the hero’s journey, players will forge their own path and learn valuable lessons to become the hero of their own story. in addition to the story of preacher, other characters will be included in the game – all of them will tell their own unique and personal story.

during its development, the english language content was provided by several key people from the special operations command (socom), who over the years have used wwii allied and axis military and human intelligence resources to hone battlefield, language, and cultural skills.

to unlock most of the bonuses, you need to have at least a standard soldier (non elite) rank and be 60 levels below your current rank. the minimum rank required to unlock the rest is private.

  • canigerm

    while in training, if you hit somebody, you are supposed to try to land on your feet. if you fail to do this, the training is over. if you hit a stationary target, you’re supposed to try and run as fast as you can. if you hit a moving target, you are supposed to try and hit it. training time is reduced by two minutes for every person that you bring along with you.

    for example, a trainee could raise the number of successful hits in the target with a friend, use a weapon made of wood, or use a training round. the training round may be ammunition for a different purpose: to practice.

  • throwing knife

    the throwing knife has a terrible range and is only useful in cramped and high-risk situations. attach it to the forehead of your weapon, and it will go off without your need to switch your grip or move.

medal of honor airborne english language patchl

in other news, we are also working on patches for other languages. they are both being tested and currently in early stages of the process for certification. it should not take more than a week or so to reach qa, and from there it may be pushed out to certification testers.[macwin-[updated81


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