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Its not quite that simple, though, not least because of the recent revelations about weaknesses in the AES hardware, which could result in a brute force capable of decrypting AES just by trying millions of keys per second. If the 2nd AES decrypt key was not generated by hardware, that means all they could do is find the keys on the hard drive, and not at all on the passcode protected part of the phone. Passcode brut force would require the software to be cracked in order to access those keys.

What we know at this point, however, is that the key can be brute forced in a few seconds, and can be possibly be brute forced offline on a desktop or laptop where the user has the room and patience to do so. It can also be brute forced on mobile device when the data is not encrypted in the main operating system partition, but in a separate code partition (like in the iPhone).

In this case, they did it right and no doubt some law enforcement agencies have some pretty serious resources. Finally, in my next article I will demonstrate how even a $99 usb 3 key forensics solution from Algoriddm can be used with a future iOS 9.0.x firmware to extract plenty of passcodes as long as the drive is plugged into the device. Further who knows what elsetools have been developed by the FBI or NSA or other US agencies as tools to go after weaker encryption.

It was not Apple that exposed the contents of encrypted drives of the San Bernadinos, even though you should probably assume they already had the information in the conversation with the FBI. Apple is just the very first in the US to do something like this. Given that Apple is suing the FBI for spying then the government has even more reasons to sue Apple. Just another aspect of this whole debacle that they can use to their advantage. Clearly the FBI is not asking about the passcode to iPhone, they simply want to get the data out of the phone and are willing to use methods to do so.[march2022[march2022[updated-2022496


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