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How to Rotate Adobe Photoshop is easy and simple. To rotate the Adobe Photoshop application, you need to choose the Rotate option from the File menu. Then, you can click and drag to rotate the application. You can also use the keyboard to do this, by pressing the Ctrl and the mouse arrow keys simultaneously. This will rotate the entire application to the left or right.







Adobe Photoshop Lightroom mobile edition provides cloud storage for your images, letting you share them with family and friends. Once in a cloud, any edits made on a mobile device can be synced with your desktop version of Lightroom. This means any changes made to a photo on your smartphone or tablet are automatically synced to your desktop Lightroom, where you can make adjustments. These are My Top 10 Features in Lightroom Mobile Edition.

Lumin has a grand vision. It wants to build an app that works as well, or better, than the desktop version of Photoshop. The problem is that it’s going to take more time than most of you have, and apparently more money, too. It currently works with commands that are not compatible with Adobe CS6 desktop editing apps, that is, you need to switch to the Express edition and change the workspace modes accordingly.

Arguably the most popular photography-editing software tool in existence, Adobe Photoshop Elements is short for Adobe Photoshop, and it is designed to offer simple tools and fewer options for casual users but more advanced editing capabilities, such as limitless memory, for professional photographers and graphic artists. Though it may not have the robust features found in industry-standard Photoshop, for the price, you get a lot for your money. Read my review of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 and get to know about Adobe’s Elements roadmap, coming. The latest is Microsoft Windows and macOS do not have Adobe’s codecs. Android and iOS users can get the apps through Amazon through the App Store.

First you must decide which plan you want to sign up for and the first is the Photography plan and that is $9.99 a month. Anytime you are in your Lightroom or Photoshop window you can open the right panel and access the Color Swatches window. From there you can either choose a preset Color from the list or use the + sign to make your own unique custom color.

If you are a hobbyist or a beginner, you can use the Built in color picker to choose the colors that you want to use. Choosing color swatches allows you to choose colors that are at your disposal and you have complete control over them. You can tint, shift hue, saturation, and luminance to make the colors more convincing.

When designing websites, you have to color, choose a background color, and give a color to your shadows. Once you know the color of any of these elements, you can apply individual colors using the color picker. You can also change the color of track, borders, and text.

You need to control the colors used to adjust their brightness and contrast to ensure that your colors are in the best possible state. You can use additional prefixed and suffixes to give your image more of a glossiness.

You can also create a gradient between two shapes or a gradient between more than two shapes. The gradient is selected through the color picker. You can manipulate the gradient to make it as you wish. You can also create an Emboss effect that is similar to a diter or use the Reflection filter to get a show reflection in your images.


Depending on the device you’re using, Camera Raw may share the root folder name of the photo when you import it. The new Edit In feature allows you to access multiple files at once while preserving their original file name from a single location for easy access. In addition, there are new and customizable Photo Fixes tools, including Lens Correction, Structure from Motion (SFM), Lens Correction (LC), and Camera Calibration. Both Photoshop and Illustrator can use Photoshop’s Fur & Fabric Effects with a single file. The new File History feature allows for the reopening of documents, and a new Artboard Gallery will replace the Camera Work space when creating new documents and teaches people to create art with their creative workflow.

Adobe has added a new „Snapping Live Edges“ tool that allows for the automatic alignment of shapes. This tool works in Illustrator and Photoshop. It can also be used to align and refine edge-to-edge vector art. The innovative new tool can detect possible inflection points in edges and translate them. Other new tools allow for an accurate analysis of the gradient and its attributes. One of the new features shown off at the Max conference was a top-down photo-editing tool that lets artists manipulate layers while an opaque background retains transparency. From there, you can easily access tools as if on a nail-polish tray. This tool is not included in the regular Photoshop subscription, but it’s certainly a step up from Elements, which now allows for basic compositing.

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The latest version of this top-selling photo editing software, Photoshop CC 2018, is now available for testing. The new update offers three new editing tools for creative professionals. If you’re a beginner, they offer a list of best practices and help you get the most from the software before you unleash your inner artist.

1. Photo Filter: It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced designer, all creatives love playing around with filters and effects. The best thing about Photoshop Photo Filter is that it is a free of cost and allows you to get started with photo filters. The features and filters available are quite limitless and designers can use that tool to create memories, create smart designs, making original glowing photos, etc.

2. Snap: The best new feature introduced with Photoshop is Snap. If you are a creative mind who uses a mouse, you will find this tool useful. Photoshop has an amazing feature that makes it easier to crop an image. You just need to place two fingers on the mouse to snap a corner. Animation tools can now be used, by simply using the Scroll Wheel Down, Scroll Wheel Up and Click features.

3. Blend Modes: When it comes to editing images and photo overlays on different backgrounds, Blend Modes present the best feature to make those looks. With the help of this feature, designers can easily place the photo over different backgrounds. To view the available Blend Modes in Photoshop, click Edit > Blend Modes.

4. Photoshop Bevels: Adobe Photoshop Bevels introduce a beveled edge to your images. This one of the greatest ways to improve your skills and impress yourself. It makes your images beautiful and after usage of this tool, you will find it easy to make a flawless photo. Use bevels in Photoshop .

Additionally, the Preset panels are combined with a new Automatic features. These panels are used for creating different layouts and drafts with a light box rendering. The usual development tools like Duplicate, Move, Resize, etc. are available. Happy Cog is the symbol and it allows the user to read the various options and settings with the help of its icons. In the Duplicate panel, the user will be able to select which options are to be moved as duplicate. You will also be able to edit the lower options on the right side of the panel.

There is a New Import and Clean tool. You can import project files (PSD, RAW, DNG) and then use Crop, Exposure, Film Simulations, Layers, etc. Furthermore, the Precision Lens tool enables easier and faster adjustments of perspective, lens distortion, and perspective. There is a new Texture Tool to create textures, and with the help of Gradient Tool, a user can easily edit the colors, shades, and form of the gradient.

An image can be blurred or flared up using the Blur and Blatter. Even the shape and size of the area that needs to be blurred can be fixed. The Selection tool allows users to select areas from different sides of an image (view, front-lit, back-lit, Grayscale and Reverse).

Adobe Photoshop CC is a subscription-based, perpetual license software product. It comes with improved tools and smart features. With the help of Smart Sharpen, a user can use the radius with the sharpening effect and adjust the amount of sharpening. The Ability to use a visual noise analyzer tool to improve the image quality. The mode of editing the images can also be changed to Simplify the contrast ratio and the brightness. There are complete feature for auto corrections and mimic the emoji adjusting. The face feature fixes the exposure and color balance. White balance, exposure, color, and shadows & highlights features are also available. The features of adding and duplicating images are also there.


This one is for all you time-focused designers. With the new update, you are now able to insert and edit vectors right in Photoshop. Even better, the program lets you toggle the pen tool between edge and freeform tools and you can edit and transform paths using the same tools found in Illustrator.

Coding and image quality are the two main points of view. While the former can be tackled using the inbuilt functionality of Elements, the latter can be dealt with by using Photoshop’s functionality. In a lighthearted way, we will dive into the significant relevance of those tools and features. When shooting a photo, for example, the composition and lighting must be considered. How do you perform that look — using Photoshop or without? Below mentioned are nine Photoshop Features and ten tools that are said to be the most influential ones. If you are movie buff, you must have already heard about these features and tools.

Many designers may find the idea of image editing toolbox a bit too intimidating, even for them. So, that is why Adobe releases its conventional photo editing toolbox following some particular process in order for users to get to know it. In the beginning, Photoshop’s tools are grouped under the ‘Image’ tab. However, it quickly became obvious to the users that many features/tools are located under other tabs such as ‘Adjustments’ and ‘InDesign’. Adobe Sensei, for instance, is a very helpful AI tool that assists you in tweaking the appearance of an image and makes all images look more like a professional piece of work in less time. This is how this tool works. In other words, you can type in the tool’s name and the AI will recognize it, help you out with multiple supports, find similar images and plenty more.

Adobe Photoshop is a software designed to create and modify digital pictures. It can be used for free, or as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud for an annual fee. The program’s key features include:

  • Photoshop editor: This feature allows to manipulate and modify images manually. It also can use templates to help you edit images. The program has over 200 included templates.
  • Effects: Where you have a vast amount of effects that enable you to automatically modify your image. You can even apply effects to videos.
  • Web: For graphic designers, this feature was mainly upgraded is used for maintaining the appearance and branding of websites.
  • Photo books: The program had a special function to create photobooks, which is the creation of books that consists of images. These books can be printed or on a digital format.

Adobe Photoshop is a desktop computer program that allows the editing of digital images. The program is made up of six tools:

  • History panel: You can use the back and forward button to go back and forward in the history and undo history of actions.
  • Layers: Layers allow you to separate your image into a series of groups that can be viewed and manipulated independently. You can also combine the layers to create new elements to the image.
  • Brush: This tool can be used to edit the image using brush strokes to cover any area in the image.
  • Free Transform: This tool allows you to resize, rotate, and move any area of the image using the handles.
  • Channels: This tool allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, brightness, and other image attributes on separate color.


If anything is current and cutting-edge in the eye of the Photoshop community, it’s the new Refine Edge features in the India Blue update of Photoshop, and reinterpreted in the Descendent update. Created by Marie-Louise Fernandes, the piece uses those same Refine Edge adjustments to create a digital variant of the traditional India ink drawing process. She has updated the Descendant techniques in a sophisticated way, enabling a way to digitally reproduce the same effect. The work was awarded this year’s Computerworld Smithsonian Technology Award for the Art and Design category.

Thanks to Edge Browser, you can now more quickly and easier navigate the open layers in your Photoshop files. And you can now switch between Photoshop and the Edge Browser by going to Window > Edge Browser.

Adobe is betting the future on the software-defined workspace. This year is the first year we’ve seen a new workspace that’s part of an update of Photoshop, similar to the way features such as the Smart Filter and Liquify are part of Photoshop Elements. In the future, expect this approach to continue. In this one, the new workspace is called the Design workspace, and it makes it easier to seamlessly move between the Draft, Resources and Artworks spaces. It adds additional panels, such as the Photoshop DSP panel, and better tools for tracking your work in the context of the whole project, and placing one artwork back into another artwork.

It’s the year of appearances: in 2018, we’re expecting to see more of the multiple styles of interface elements held within a file. Different panels, rulers and just about any type of interface element can be color-coded, allowing those interface elements to stand out. In this version, the units panel is now color-coded. This year, the unit panel from the Color panel is now a separate interface element that can be assigned a color and style. In this version, the time zone drop-down menu is color-coded, so you can more quickly find at a glance what time zone you’re in. In the next update of Photoshop, we’re expecting multiple styles for interface elements. Look for more panels and interface elements that you can color-code.

For a professional designer, selecting the best of the Adobe Elements is quite a task, but this time, Adobe Elements 8 will be the best option for those looking for a new platform. Adobe Elements 8 has all the elements you will wish to have in a photo editing application. Here are some of its key highlights:

Every new version of Photoshop offers some new features and new additions that help its users in a better way. The Adobe Photoshop CS5 has some of the new software features. A few of the most valuable new features include the following:

So, now you have the points to know what Photoshop is. But, the best thing you need to do is to choose the right Photoshop that suits your need. If you want to Choose a good software, then you can think a lot on Adobe Photoshop. It will surely be a great option for all. However, if you are a professional designer and have a different requirement which includes some cool features, then there are a lot of choices. So, before choosing Photoshop, you need to think about a few things. The Adobe Photoshop CS5 has already many advanced features related to photo editing and retouching. Choose the best software that will be friendly with your work style. If you want to choose, then the following will be useful for you to choose the best Photoshop:

So, remember, before choosing Photoshop, you should choose the right choice that suits your need. If you are searching for the best software to edit and retouch photos, then Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the right option. It is a good and reliable option for photo editing. If you want to do hundreds of things, then you should go for the Photoshop version CS5 elements. The Adobe Photoshop CS5 elements are easy to learn and edit. Photoshop CS5 is all about the photo retouching.

Basic editing toolkit is same in all versions, but some of the pixels features introduced in newest version are only available in Elements, Photoshop, Photoshop fix, Photoshop lightroom and other CC versions.

Topaz is Photoshop’s newest brand. It is a set of powerful tools created by Adobe to help designers finish complex work in Photoshop. It is a collection of cloud-based tools among which we can find non-destructive image filters that let you make fast, in-place edits without changing your original image, and a powerful new shape tool that makes it easy to…

In 1989, Thomas and John Knoll developed the first basic version of Photoshop. Later, it was taken over by Adobe systems. Then the software has been upgraded and updated with more advanced features, a set of tools, and commands. The Photoshop CC version is the latest version of the series and it is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud branding. The Photoshop family has some other software, consisting of Photoshop lightroom, Photoshop elements, Photoshop fix, Photoshop express, and other software.

With every new version, Photoshop is developed, from a simple small photo editing tool to an industry-leading software that changed the global graphic designing and multimedia industries standards. Every new version has some new features introduced, but there are a few tools that are being tested with time and remain sturdy and highly important to the designers. Here are some tools and features that are proved as the best of Adobe Photoshop:

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