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Prolog – List comparison

I am new to prolog. So I am building something like a list comparison where I have one list and try to find a another list that is a subset of this.
I’ve made a list like this:
subsetlist(A,B) :- term(B,A).

That works as a filter but I’m struggling with this part:
(size(subsetlist([A, B, C, D], [Z, Q, W, U, V, X, Y, S, T, F, O])) = > 0)

That returns false always, which should be true.
Is this even possible without using if and looping through all elements in the list?


The problem is that your predicate is called subsetlist/2, while the predicate you want to compare to it is called substring/2. The most natural way to write this would be
subsetlist(A,B) :- term(B,A).

substring(Z,Q,W,U,V,X,Y,S,T,F,O) :-

which gives the desired result.


How to set transition-duration in CSS

I’m trying to figure out what is wrong in the CSS that I set a transition to a link.
I’m trying to do a vertical spinner animation when the user clicks on the link, so I added a transition-duration to the.vertical-spinner animation, but it’s not working.
Here is the CSS:
@keyframes spinner {
from {


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